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Northwest Clean Air Agency

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We are proud of the air quality in our corner of Washington. Since the passage of the Washington State Clean Air Act in 1967, the Northwest Clean Air Agency has been the primary government agency responsible for protecting the air in Island, Skagit and Whatcom counties. We are responsible for enforcing federal, state and local air quality regulations at stationary sources of air pollution in our jurisdiction. In addition to regulating businesses, we focus on informing the public about air quality issues and how to make clean air choices. (See a brief overview of the agency here.) Our work is paying off, too. The air quality in our jurisdiction is outstanding — and we’re committed to keeping it that way. The Northwest Clean Air Agency office is located at 1600 South 2nd Street, Mount Vernon, WA. Office hours for the public are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Mount Vernon Station

Mount Vernon, Hoa Kỳ


Bellingham Station

Bellingham, Hoa Kỳ


Columbia Valley

Peaceful Valley, Hoa Kỳ



Custer, Hoa Kỳ

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