Lokalni front

Lokalni front

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3.9K người theo dõi

Ảnh hồ sơ của người theo dõiẢnh hồ sơ của người theo dõiẢnh hồ sơ của người theo dõiẢnh hồ sơ của người theo dõi



Giới thiệu

In the heart of Kraljevo, citizens have come together as the Local Front to fight against corruption and promote absolute transparency. We are individuals with rich experience in civic activism, and we use our professional skills to bring about change and raise awareness about key values such as freedom, social justice, solidarity, education, legality, creativity, and anti-discrimination.

As the Local Front, our goals include returning decision-making power to the citizens, monitoring the work of local authorities, providing support to citizens in various areas, and acting as a community of autonomous individuals who stand up for their values. Kraljevo is our home, and the Local Front is a voice for change, both now and in the future.


Centar (Lokalni front)

Kraljevo, Xéc-bi


Sijace polje (Lokalni front)

Kraljevo, Xéc-bi


Ribnica (Lokalni front)

Kraljevo, Xéc-bi


Jarcujak (Lokalni front)

Kraljevo, Xéc-bi


Mataruska Banja (Lokalni front)

Kraljevo, Xéc-bi


Grdicka kosa (Lokalni front)

Kraljevo, Xéc-bi

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