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Most polluted air quality stations

#stationUS AQI
1 Robla School


2 Valley Hi / North Laguna 2


3 Downtown Sacramento - T Street


4 Bercut Dr


5 Capstan Way


6 42nd Avenue


7 Antioch Ave.


8 River Park


9 53rd and I Street


10 City Hall Complex


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What are the air quality readings on the pollution map for Sacramento?

The air quality map for Sacramento will show readings that are constantly fluctuating over the course of a single day, as well as throughout the month and year. As such, the air pollution map above can or should be referenced regularly, to see what the air cleanliness level is like, and whether or not any pollution spikes are occurring. Air quality can change rapidly in any area that has a high concentration of people and various industrial activities that often come along with such gatherings. Some readings from the air quality map taken in late June of 2022 will now be cited and some explanations as to what they mean or indicate will be given, although it should be noted that these numbers can see significant changes, hence why the map should be referred to frequently. This is particularly true for certain groups living within Sacramento and other cities throughout the United States and will be covered in more detail later in the article.

Some examples of US AQI readings that were recorded on the air quality map in Sacramento midway through 2022 were as follows: Many decent air pollution readings were taken, indicating that there were large swathes of the city that had a good level of air cleanliness, with these areas all falling within the 'good' air quality rating bracket. This requires a US AQI reading of 50 or less, with the closest to 0 being the most optimal and indicating that the air is significantly freer from fine particles, haze, smoke, smog and other harmful chemicals or pollutants in the atmosphere. However, it was also seen that Sacramento was undergoing some fairly prominent pollution hotspots, some of which went up to heights that are not often seen in cities throughout the United States save for when natural or manmade disasters such as fires (typically wildfires) occur, which themselves are the largest contributor to excessively high pollution readings. The smoke given off from wildfires can cause cities and states to experience severe pollution issues, which can cause a myriad of health problems to occur among residents, as well as respiratory irritation to occur to the general public and even those who may be visiting or passing through.

Live fires are shown on the map when they do occur, and as such, they can be tracked similarly alongside the pollution readings shown on the air quality map themselves. However, on the day in which the following readings were taken, there were no fires present on the map. Pollution levels can also shoot up as a result of adverse meteorological, or weather conditions being present (such as a lack of stronger winds and rain), as well as activities within the city itself all coming together to form elevated US AQI readings, with massive traffic jams and other similar activities that have a form of combustion taking place all lending themselves to higher readings on the pollution map.

To cite some of the better air quality readings, US AQI figures as low as 4, 6 and 8 were taken in the southern region of the city, indicating an extremely good condition of air cleanliness. This goes to show that even with certain areas of the city being within the most optimal range, moving from one area to another may take people from an area of clean air to another part of the city where they are being exposed to dangerous levels of pollutants. Higher up on the 'good' air quality rating chart shown on the map, more common figures of 22, 24 and 30 were shown, which are more common sights seen within city centers, not being obnoxiously high but still indicating a level of polluting activity taking place. Moving up higher to the next rating bracket within Sacramento, US AQI readings on the air quality map came in at 53, 76 and 88, bringing with them the higher ranking of 'moderate' air quality, requiring a US AQI reading of 51 to 100 to be classified as such. As the figure itself moves closer to 100, respiratory irritation will start to present itself amongst the general public and those who fall into at-risk groups. These areas should be avoided, if possible, although there is not an outright level of danger for people who are within such zones. It can be noted though that it is preferable to avoid any level of pollution, and if avoiding the area outright is not possible, certain preventative measures such as wearing particle filtering masks can be utilized. Keeping doors and windows sealed for those that live in areas undergoing pollution spikes is an effective way to prevent the indoor pollution level from rising in their house.

Higher readings and ones that are far more uncommon in both Sacramento and other American cities were ones such as 111 and 120, being put into the 'unhealthy for sensitive groups' bracket, and an extremely high reading of 152 being taken, placing that particular area into the 'unhealthy' rating bracket, one whereby the air pollution level starts to present significant risks and potential danger to those in that particular area.

Do the air pollution maps help reduce pollution-related illnesses in Sacramento?

Air quality maps, or air pollution maps as they can also be referred to, can be highly effective in not only helping to reduce many pollution-related illnesses but also in the ongoing battle against individuals keeping their pollution exposure to a minimum. By avoiding areas with higher pollution, the risk of irritation to skin and exposed mucous membranes such as the nose, eyes, ears and mouth will all decrease, along with prominent respiratory conditions that fall under the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) bracket being either lessened or avoided outright.

What can you learn about the types of pollution in the air in Sacramento from air quality maps?

Although the air quality maps for Sacramento do not explicitly list the pollutants and their varying concentration levels (which may be found in more depth on the city page for Sacramento), users can gain some insight into the pollutants they are potentially breathing by knowing how US AQI itself is formed. It is a number aggregated from main pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide, and PM10 and PM2.5. With this in mind, when one is in an area that has higher US AQI readings, the likelihood of breathing the above-mentioned pollutants increases significantly.

Which people can benefit the most from using air quality maps in Sacramento?

Whilst all members of society in Sacramento can benefit from being informed by air quality maps, there are more vulnerable groups, who can suffer much more grave consequences as a result of breathing pollutants in the air. These include the elderly, young children and babies, pregnant mothers, as well as those with a compromised immune system and with pre-existing illnesses. For such groups, the use of air quality maps will be of far greater benefit, due to the quality of their life potentially depending on the cleanliness the air that they are exposed to.

Where is the cleanest air quality in Sacramento?

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