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Contributing your air quality data to the world’s largest air quality community – your data will reach millions of active users who rely on contributors like you for actionable health guidance.
Our challenge
Air pollution causes 1 in 9 deaths, and huge parts of the world still lack access to basic air quality data.
IQAir is working to change this by empowering the world to breathe cleaner air. We operate the world's biggest real-time air quality data and community platform, comprising over 80,000 public sensors worldwide on five continents. IQAir engages citizen scientists, organizations, and governments to contribute data and fight environmental injustice by increasing the breadth and depth of air quality data where it’s most needed.
We partner with global organizations like the United Nations, Greenpeace, and the International WELL Building Institute to educate people worldwide about the impact of air pollution and the efforts being made at all levels to mitigate its societal and health impacts.
Community air quality monitoring
IQAir Airvisual Platform offers robust tools to help improve air quality data access in underserved and disadvantaged areas. We offer low-cost, individual air quality data plans to start growing your hyperlocal data access as well as large-scale organization-wide plans
Get in touch with us today to learn more about the IQAir AirVisual Platform and how we can help reveal the invisible air quality threats in your community.
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See our community in action
Check out the IQAir AirVisual Map to see the latest real-time global air quality data from our vast network of air quality data contributors.
Unhealthy for sensitive groups
Very unhealthy
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Choose a monitor
Ready to get started? Low-cost monitors make air quality monitoring easy. Choose a monitor and start publishing air quality information in a few simple steps.
AirVisual Outdoor
Weatherized outdoor air quality monitor with modular, field-swappable PM and CO₂ sensors.


  • PM2.5
  • PM1
  • PM10
  • CO₂
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
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A proven air quality monitoring solution for home enthusiasts and air quality professionals alike.


  • PM2.5
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Clarity Node-S
A sensing-as-a-service solution inclusive of solar and battery powered hardware, global cellular connectivity, and data assurance support for government agencies, schools, and community groups. Not intended for individual consumer purchases.


  • PM2.5
  • NO₂
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Is your type of monitor not yet supported here? Please contact us.
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How to get started
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Register your device on the app or AirVisual dashboard
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Get a monitor that suits your project to get started
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See the big air quality picture
View historical air quality data from around the world by continent, country/region, state, and city – and read our annual World Air Quality Report for deep-dive analysis.
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Alerts, data visualization, and air quality forecast with the AirVisual app
Easily follow your monitor's data using your free pocket guide to global air quality: the AirVisual air quality app. Benefit from app alerts if your monitor’s readings behave unusually, data visualizations, and even receive a 7-day air quality forecast based from your monitor’s readings.
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Driven by artificial intelligence
AirVisual’s cloud-based system processes billions of data points in order to validate and calibrate air quality readings. The power of big data and machine learning lets the network learn from itself by aggregating a global network of low-cost monitors and commercial/government reference monitors.


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