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IQAir partners with UN Environment Programme

IQAir AirVisual is a proud air quality monitoring partner of the United Nations Environment Programme. The IQAir AirVisual Platform brings together data collected by governments, companies, and individuals around the world to support the UNEP's global health policies and to help us bring air quality data to the 9 out of 10 people worldwide who still need clean air to breathe.

Understand the air you breathe

Track key air pollutants including: PM2.5, PM10, Ozone, NO2, CO2, & SO2 in a beautiful, simple display.

Always know your air quality

Auto-location and smart alerts allow you to take action.


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Don’t just deal with poor air quality — stay ahead of it with forecasting

Plan to stay healthy

7-day forecast developed with machine learning and AI provides you with robust, accurate predictive power.

The world’s air – at your fingertips

Access data sets from government agencies, crowdsourced AirVisual Pro monitors, and satellite images to provide the world’s most comprehensive image of global air quality.

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Take back control of your indoor air quality

The air you’re breathing indoors can be up to 100 times worse than it is outdoors. Easily monitor your indoor air quality with the AirVisual Pro to ensure that you’re breathing only clean, healthful air in your home, office, and more.

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An app that helps you avoid air pollution

Discover sources of outdoor air pollution using publicly available monitoring data so you can safeguard yourself against hazardous air quality wherever you go. Stay up to date with all things air pollution, including current events, medical discoveries, and breaking news.

Stay alert, stay connected

Schedule notifications when your indoor air quality isn’t up to your standards. Get helpful health recommendations to reduce your exposure to harmful air pollution. The air quality widget gives you live air quality data for your favorite locations — without opening the app.

Key features to keep you safe from air pollution

Real time

Real-time air quality and weather information

Live global coverage of key air pollution and weather parameter.

Real time

Health recommendations

Follow advice to reduce your health risk and exposure to air pollutants.

7 day

7-day air pollution and weather forecasts

Plan your outdoor activities to optimize comfort and health.

Air pollution news and educational resources

Air pollution news and educational resources

Stay up to date on air pollution current events, medical findings and breaking news.

Historical, real-time and forecast air pollution data

Historical, real-time and forecast air pollution data

Receive detailed figures on key air pollutants in more than 70 countries.

World pollution map

World pollution map

Explore real-time pollution indexes around the globe in a panoramic view.

Air quality widget

Air quality widget

Live air quality data for your favorite locations, without even opening the app.

Air quality widget

Air quality alert

Get notified when outdoor air quality isn't up to your standards.

David Piperline

David Piperline



Trusted air quality data app

This app was recommended by my friends and I have found its air pollution measurements system to be superior to all other apps. 5 stars for the accuracy, the great air pollution map and the pollution alerts feature, it's awesome, thank you!

Kendra Setlled

Kendra Setlled



Awesome air pollution app

Great app, even shows what the air quality for the next few hours and days will be very accurately. Great for keeping planning safe outdoor activities for my kids. updates very often, super easy. Simply the best air pollution app for Android.

Yen Zhu

Yen Zhu



Excellent, simply excellent

Really accurate and trustable air pollution forecast, anywhere you are. All this with weather, historical air pollution info and recommendation to know whether it's okay to go out without a mask. Pretty amazing and available for iOS and Android.

Su Lean

Su Lean

Republic of Korea


Easy to use air tracking app

Amazingly easy to use air tracking app. Shocking at times seeing the global pollution and how it changes. I especially like to be able to track the air my kids are breathing at school. Having the breakdown by air pollution is wonderful. 

There is no concrete answer for how your city’s air quality fairs. Air pollution is dynamic and can change in as little as a few minutes based on weather patterns, polluting sources, human behavior, and other variables. As a result, real-time air pollution data and awareness is critical to protecting yourself from adverse effects.

By enabling location services and notifications on the AirVisual app, you can rest assured you are always informed of pollution spikes, wherever you are.

AirVisual answers all of your air quality questions

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