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Most polluted air quality stations

#stationUS AQI
1 Kraków, Wadów


2 Kraków, Złoty Róg


3 Kraków, ul. Bulwarowa


4 ul. Eibischa


5 Kraków, al. Krasińskiego


6 Kraków, os. Piastów


7 Saveinvest


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What information can be seen on the air pollution map for Krakow?

The air pollution map for Krakow is easy to find once the main city page is opened. It can be accessed from the top of the page by clicking anywhere on the picture of the map.

Once opened, the viewer will see a new page which is dedicated to the air quality in and around the city. A striking feature will be the overall colour of the map. In August 2022, the background colour was greenish/yellow which would indicate “Moderate” air quality. The other thing of note is the number of coloured discs that can be seen dotted around the map. These represent the locations of the ground-level air monitoring stations. The various colours and their meaning are explained in the legend at the foot of the page. They also each carry a number which is the US AQI reading for that station. This number is calculated by taking the measurements of six of the most prolific air pollutants found in the city air. It can then be used as a metric when comparing air quality in different cities across the globe. It is endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

If any station is of interest to the viewer, then by selecting that disc, a whole new page will open with comprehensive information about that area of the city.

Looking back at the main city page, it can be seen that in August 2022 Krakow was experiencing a period of “Moderate” air quality with a US AQI reading of 55. The main pollutant measured was PM2.5 with a recorded level of 14 µg/m³. This figure is almost three times higher than the suggested target limit of 5 µg/m³, as recommended by the WHO.

Is there any other interesting information on the air quality map for Krakow?

When the air pollution map for Krakow is opened in full-screen mode, there will be four choices that appear on the left-hand side of the screen. These can all be activated and deactivated as required.

The first option will show the location of all the ground-level air monitoring stations that provide the data regarding air quality. These locations are represented by coloured discs spread out over the map. If, at first, they appear to be superimposed on each other, expanding the map slightly will cause them to separate.

The second option will show the location of any wildfires that may be burning in the vicinity. In August 2022, there were no fires of any great size burning in the area. The fourth option shows the direction of the prevailing winds and gives an indication of the airspeed. This is useful when looking at the second option because it will give a good idea as to whether or not the city will be affected by any smoke from the fires.

The third option is the most spectacular as it can change the entire background colour of the map to reflect the current air quality. Currently, it is a greenish/yellow which would indicate “Moderate” air quality. If the overall colour is too overpowering, it can be deactivated and the map will revert to a more usual colour scheme.

Looking at the far right-hand side of the screen will be a table which ranks world cities according to their level of air pollution. Some cities listed here may come as a surprise as they are not normally thought of as being heavily polluted.

Just below the map is shown the number of stations that provide the air quality data. In August 2022, there were six stations providing such data; two were operated by the government, one was by an individual and the other one was provided by an anonymous contributor.

Can areas of higher air pollution be identified on the air quality map for Krakow?

Identifying areas of higher air pollution is relatively straightforward. Whilst looking at the air pollution map for Krakow the darker coloured discs which also carry a higher number show the stations where air pollution is at its highest. Alternatively, by scrolling slightly down the page can be found a table which ranks all the stations according to their levels of pollution. The station at Saveinvest is currently the most polluted area of the city with a US AQI reading of 105 which is classified as being “Unhealthy for sensitive groups”.

Scrolling down even further is a table which ranks the stations according to the number of followers they have. The most popular is at Kraków ul. Bulwarowa with just over 2,000 followers.

Is the source of the air pollution shown on the air quality map for Krakow?

Krakow smog is already widely known in Poland and there are a number of reasons why this should be so. These could include the following:

  • low emissions, i.e., low-quality coal burning in coal-fired stoves, still quite often used in and around the city;
  • Poor quality, damp wood
  • pollution from transport (in Krakow, a lot of people use cars on a daily basis)
  • buildings which block air corridors, which block the airflow and prevent some pollutants being blown out from the city
  • pollution of industrial origin - there are several power plants and industrial units in Krakow
  • incoming emissions which are blown in from the surrounding areas unfavourable location of the city in the Vistula valley, surrounded on three sides by elevations of the land, which causes polluted air to hang over the city instead of being dispersed.

PM2.5 is used as a benchmark on the air pollution map for Krakow, but what is it?

When pollution caused by the combustion of solid fuels or resulting from the operation of internal combustion engines floats in the air, they reach our lungs with every breath. PM 2.5 are suspended dusts, the diameter of which does not exceed 2.5 micrometres. It is these substances that enter the bloodstream and can cause a number of serious diseases. PM10 are dusts whose diameter does not exceed 10 micrometres - their negative impact is most quickly visible in the form of respiratory tract irritation.

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