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A revolution in air purification

Create your personal clean air zone with the IQAir Atem

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Watch the IQAir Atem video

The Atem shifts the paradigm in the ability to control the air you breathe. See how it works and what makes it unique.

Atem 5 in 1 VIDEO
Atem winning the global innovations award

Global Innovations Award Winner

The Atem 5-in-1 personal air purifier won the prestigious Global Innovations Award at the 2019 International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago, IL, a world-class home technology and innovations showcase where “art intersects with engineering and technology informs style.”

Hotel room with Atem on nightstand

Breathe clean air, anywhere

Sleek, compact and powerful, the Atem lets you take control of your own breathing zone. When you're not at home, air quality is out of your control. The Atem shifts that power back to you. Simply plug it in and direct the PureJet air diffuser to your breathing zone.

Microscopic view of particles

Traps ultrafine particles

The tiniest particles are also the most dangerous. Ultrafine particles (smaller than 0.1 microns) are so small that they can move through your lung tissue, into your bloodstream, and then to any organ within your body. IQAir technology in the Atem Desk filters 99% of particles down to 0.003 microns. 

Click here to see why particle size matters...

Atem being produced in factory

Swiss Quality: Made in Germany

Designed in Switzerland, yet made in Germany. The Atem is made in IQAir’s newest state-of-the-art factory in southern Germany. Located in one of the most beautiful regions, IQAir's newest production facility ensures the Atem meets our rigorous quality and environmental standards.

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