Global air pollution problems and solutions
Global air pollution problems and solutions
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Join the movement! How to set up your AirVisual Pro as a public air quality monitoring station

Citizen scientists have achieved victories in exposing air pollution. Join the movement and become a public air pollution data contributor.

With unprecedented accuracy and a highly accessible user interface, the AirVisual Pro’s outdoor air quality readings can be broadcast globally, providing reliable air quality data to communities anywhere and bringing us all one step closer to breathing the cleanest air possible around the world.

Ready to join the movement? Follow the four easy steps below to set up your AirVisual Pro as a public, outdoor air quality monitoring station.

1. Choose a location

The optimal location for your AirVisual Pro public monitoring station includes:

  • Access to an electrical outlet and a dependable Wi-Fi connection.
  • An outdoor location sheltered from direct sunlight, rain, and winds.
  • A sheltered location, such as a porch, covered patio, under an awning, or in an open garage.
  • Steady, natural airflow around the device.
  • Position no higher than 30 feet. 
  • Away from localized pollution sources, such as cigarette smoke or outdoor grills.

IQAir also provides outdoor shelters for AirVisual Pro device. Please contact IQAir at (866) 488-1918 for an outdoor shelter for your AirVisual Pro.

2. Add your AirVisual Pro to your loginprofile.

You can add your AirVisual Pro to your profile through either the AirVisual website or mobile app for iOS and Android

Mobile App

  1. Open My Devices tab. 
  2. Tap Add a new device.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen for adding a device.

AirVisual Site

  1. Log in with your AirVisual login information.
  2. Click your profile’s drop-down menu > choose My devices.
  3. Add your device.

3. Submit to become a public station.

  1. From the My Devices page, select your device
  2. Click Settings (the little gear icon on the right).
  3. Click the Location tab > click Become a public station.
  4. Name your station as you want it to be seen on the public data map. We recommend naming it by your location, but you can also use the name of your neighborhood, your school, your business, and so on.
  5. Submit some photos to show how you’ve set up your device. Send at least one photo from 1 meter (ideally, from 2-3 different angles) and one 10 meters away for us to verify the environment. 
  6. Click Submit.

Some notes about this process:

  • These photos are confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of AirVisual—they’re simply meant to help us verify that your AirVisual Pro has been set up in an environment that will provide the most accurate local air quality data.
  • Don’t see your country on the drop-down list? Choose Add new country/state/city from the dropdown list.
  • You’ll see a link to help you determine your GPS coordinates. When supplying these, please consider your own privacy and safety—we typically recommend reporting a location at least 300 feet away from your actual location.

4. Data validation

Wait about 1-2 weeks for IQAir to analyze the readings before publishing your device's data to the public air quality map.

Note: If we note any issues with the data that your AirVisual Pro is reporting, we’ll get in touch with you via your AirVisual account email to sort them out. 

5. Congrats! You’re now an outdoor air quality data contributor.

Now, your friends, family, neighbors, and air quality enthusiasts around the world can view and act on live data from your community’s air.

Join the movement for a cleaner planet! 

IQAir’s crowdsourced air quality monitoring network has exposed air pollution in communities around the world in the several years since the AirVisual Pro air quality monitor was launched through a successful crowdfunding campaign.

But the journey is far from over.

Air pollution is the leading environmental health hazard facing our planet, affecting a staggering 92% of our population and leading to at least 7 million deaths each year.

Awareness is growing, but air pollution is often difficult to see or quantify, and tackling the problem can be complex. Specific measurements are needed to reveal how pollution affects different areas, and different communities must respond to the problem in different ways.

Knowledge is power!

Since AirVisual Pro was first deployed, we’ve witnessed incredible achievements from community networks and activists taking local air quality into their own hands.

  • In Pakistan, one activist kickstarted an air quality monitoring revolution by publishing the first live readings of air pollution data in Pakistan, leading to a landmark court case that shaped government smog policy.
  • In the Philippines, a socially-conscious enterprise installed AirVisual Pro monitors in its nationwide network of clean fuel stations. Now, the government of the Philippines is supporting a new national air quality improvement framework using AirVisual data.

From Nigeria to Morocco, Thailand to Alaska, Siberia to Saudi Arabia, people around the world are publishing their communities onto the air pollution map, helping people make informed decisions and making local pollution hard to ignore.

Today, you become a part of it.

Questions? Get in touch

Contact us and our team of Air Quality Experts. We’re happy to answer any of your questions and help get your community online.

Note: Per regulations, non-government data is prohibited in China. No data from AirVisual monitors within China national borders is made public.

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