Commercial Applications


Laboratories: Contamination control is critical

Effective contaminant control in the laboratory demands exacting air filtration technology. IQAir has solutions for laboratories and cleanrooms.

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Education: Better air makes for better schools

The air that students and staff breathe in their classrooms has a profound effect on their health, comfort and performance. IQAir helps schools to achieve the cleanest air possible.

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Offices: Clean air at work

IQAir has all the tools it takes to help turn the air in offices into a source of productivity and satisfaction for occupants and management.

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Hospitals & Clinics

Medical: Clean air for patients and staff

Clean air has a significant effect on staff and patients in medical environments. IQAir offers flexible, high-performance air cleaning solutions.

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Dental Offices

Better air in dental offices depends on high-performance air cleaning. Mercury vapor control is also a concern. IQAir has solutions.

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Hospitality: Make your guests feel at home with clean air.

IQAir has the technology and expertise to help you make your customers and guests feel right at home with clean, healthy air. 

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Museums: Preservation starts with clean air

IQAir helps to protect precious objects in museums and collections from the corrosive impact of ambient air.

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Doctors' Offices

Doctors' Offices

Better air in doctors’ offices can have a profound impact on the comfort and health of patients and staff. IQAir has specific solutions for doctors' offices.

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