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Improve your health with air quality knowledge and forecasting.

AirVisual Pro by IQAir

Watch the AirVisual video

The paradigm-shifting technology and unprecedented scope of air pollution data comes to life in this short, eye-opening video.

Monitor the air you breathe

Take your AirVisual Pro with you and monitor invisible threats anytime, anywhere. What’s entering your lungs right now?

The AirVisual Pro is purposely designed to be as lightweight and easy to carry as possible so you can always have it with you. It is the most affordable, portable and accurate air quality monitoring device ever created.

The AirVisual Pro empowers you to conveniently monitor the air you breathe anywhere, anytime.

See the invisible

Instantly see invisible threats from microscopic PM2.5 particles in the air. Understand where dangers originate, and take control.

PM2.5 are tiny and dangerous. The microscopic size of these pollutants allows them to penetrate your lung tissue and move directly into your bloodstream. From there, these deadly particles can easily move to every organ in your body, including your brain.

The AirVisual Pro’s cutting-edge technology empowers you to conveniently monitor your air anywhere, anytime. Be in charge of the air you breathe.

Compare indoor & outdoor air quality

Compare your Indoor Air Quality with your outdoor air. Discover your local air pollution sources.

Your AirVisual Pro allows you to see your Indoor Air Quality alongside the nearest official monitoring station.

Use this information to help pinpoint where air pollution sources are. Get the data you need to make informed decisions to protect your health.

Get the free app

Get to know AirVisual by downloading the free app for iOS or Android. See air quality data from 10,000+ locations worldwide. How’s your air quality today?

The AirVisual app is your pocket guide to avoiding harmful air pollution, completely free of charge.

This incredible tool gives you real-time, forecast and historical air pollution data for six key pollutants: PM2.5, PM10, CO, CO2, NO2, and ground-level Ozone. It also tells you the Air Quality Index (AQI) - an air quality measurement tool used by the EPA.

AirVisual Earth

AirVisual Earth is the first ever 3D air pollution map. Watch the mesmerizing interface as pollutants interact with weather patterns. 

AirVisual Earth is a truly groundbreaking endeavor. It is generated from satellite imagery and data from 10,000+ outdoor air pollution monitoring stations. Spin the globe, zoom in and out, and track air quality.

AirVisual Earth - technology for a better world.

Smart thermostat mounted on wall
Smart thermostat mounted on wall

A pollutant-free smart home.

Program maximum clean air into your smart home with AirVisual IFTTT applets.

Use If This Then That (IFTTT) applets with your AirVisual Pro monitoring stations to get live alerts and program automatic conditional responses when your air quality changes. AirVisual IFTTT applets work with other smart home actions and technology. PM2.5 too high? Your AirVisual Pro will trigger your room air purifier or smart thermostat to clean your space and clear out indoor pollutants. Want to keep track of every time your IAQ becomes unhealthy? Your AirVisual Pro will record high PM2.5 levels in a spreadsheet for later use. Create your own IFTTT applets to help make your home the perfect clean air sanctuary.

Go to to see all applets available for your AirVisual Pro, or create your own so that indoor conditions are always just right. And come back often: new IQAir IFTTT applets are regularly added.

Know before you go

Your free AirVisual app includes pollution forecasts. Will the air be polluted this weekend?

Your AirVisual app provides 72-hour air pollution and weather forecasts. Use this data to make informed decisions about your daily activities. If the forecast calls for a week with poor air quality, maybe it's better to plan indoor activities.

Welcome to the new era of health planning!

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Running on smart technology

AirVisual Pro’s smart technology provides personalized alerts, tips and advice to breathe the cleanest air possible.

Your AirVisual Pro uses cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence to provide not only the best predictive analytics, but to give you advice, as well. Your AirVisual Pro learns from your indoor and outdoor air quality data to provide you with personalized recommendations to ensure you breathe the healthiest air possible.

Take your AirVisual Pro everywhere you go.  

Join our global network

AirVisual offers data for 10,000+ locations. But many places are not yet monitored. Be part of the solution. Register your AirVisual Pro as a designated public outdoor station.

AirVisual’s data empowers citizens to make informed decisions affecting their respiratory health through accessible technology. We believe that communities can use our data to shape the world into a healthier place. The support and engagement of citizens around the world forms the backbone of what we do.

Join us by registering your AirVisual Pro as a designated public outdoor station today!

Enjoy enhanced features with the AirVisual app and website

  • Home monitoring on the go

  • Alerts when your air becomes unhealthy

  • Hourly weather & air pollution forecasts

  • Community news & educational resources

  • Air quality data for all of your favorite locations, indoors & out

History of IQAir

50+ years of innovation.

See IQAir’s path from humble beginnings to the world leader of clean air technology.

AirVisual Pro Tech Specs

Take an in-depth look at the facts and figures of the AirVisual Pro.