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Какая сейчас погода в Ben Cat?

Значок погоды
ПогодаНебольшая облачность
Ветер6.9 mp/h
Давление1010 mb

Рейтинг городов по AQI в реальном времени

Рейтинг Вьетнам среди городов в реальном времени

#cityAQI США
1 Ханой, Hanoi


2 Cho, Tinh Bac Ninh


3 Dong Anh, Hanoi


4 Thua, Tinh Bac Ninh


5 Pho Moi, Tinh Bac Ninh


6 Nhu Quynh, Tinh Hung Yen


7 Phuc Yen, Tinh Vinh Phuc


8 Luong Son, Tinh Hoa Binh


9 Cau Dien, Hanoi


10 Ho, Tinh Bac Ninh


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Рейтинг Ben Cat по AQI в реальном времени

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1 My Phuoc 1


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Какое сейчас качество воздуха в Ben Cat?

Уровень загрязнения атмосферыИндекс качества воздухаГлавный загрязнитель
Вредно 158 AQI СШАtrendPM2.5
69.6 µg/m³trend

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Прогноз качества воздуха (AQI) в районе Ben Cat

ДеньУровень загрязненияПогодаТемператураВетер
среда, янв. 13

Вредно для уязвимых групп 133 AQI США

Человеческое лицо с указанием уровня AQI
четверг, янв. 14

Вредно 179 AQI США

Человеческое лицо с указанием уровня AQI
пятница, янв. 15

Вредно 169 AQI США

Человеческое лицо с указанием уровня AQI

Вредно 158 AQI США

Человеческое лицо с указанием уровня AQI
Значок погоды87.8°68°
Вращение ветра на 331 град.

6.7 mp/h

воскресенье, янв. 17

Средне 90 AQI США

Человеческое лицо с указанием уровня AQI
Значок погоды89.6°68°
Вращение ветра на 4 град.

8.9 mp/h

понедельник, янв. 18

Вредно для уязвимых групп 102 AQI США

Человеческое лицо с указанием уровня AQI
Значок погоды86°66.2°
Вращение ветра на 35 град.

11.2 mp/h

вторник, янв. 19

Вредно для уязвимых групп 121 AQI США

Человеческое лицо с указанием уровня AQI
Значок погоды86°62.6°
Вращение ветра на 304 град.

2.2 mp/h

среда, янв. 20

Вредно для уязвимых групп 124 AQI США

Человеческое лицо с указанием уровня AQI
Значок погоды87.8°68°
Вращение ветра на 328 град.

2.2 mp/h

четверг, янв. 21

Вредно для уязвимых групп 145 AQI США

Человеческое лицо с указанием уровня AQI
Значок погоды89.6°71.6°
Вращение ветра на 306 град.

0 mp/h

пятница, янв. 22

Вредно 155 AQI США

Человеческое лицо с указанием уровня AQI
Значок погоды91.4°73.4°
Вращение ветра на 6 град.

4.5 mp/h

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How good is the air quality in Ben Cat?

Ben Cat is a district-level town in Binh Duong province, slightly north of Ho Chi Minh City in the south of the country. Several large factories have made Ben Cat their base. As with most factories, the emissions produced by their processes are going to adversely contribute to the poor air quality in the area. Air quality in November and December can vary from moderate to unhealthy for sensitive groups. Levels of 102 US AQI have been recorded with PM2.5 levels of 36 µg/m³. An increase in the number of trucks and lorries on the roads is due to the expansion of the manufacturing industry.

What are the main causes of air pollution in Ben Cat?

The main cause of pollution in Ben Cat is thought to be that of dust. Recorded levels show that carbon monoxide (CO), nitrous oxide (NO), sulphur dioxide (SO2) and ozone (O3) are at acceptable levels when compared to other industrialised cities. The levels of dust around the busy intersections are noticeably more than in other parts of the city. This is due to the idling cars stirring up the dust on the roads whilst waiting at the traffic lights. Readings from these intersections can be up to one and a half times the permitted recommended levels. There is a very busy quarry on the outskirts of the city which produces a huge amount of dust. Here the dust pollution can be almost twice the recommended limit. There are ten industrial parks in and around Ben Cat with more in the planning stage. There are almost 800 businesses which have production methods which need to address environmental guidelines.

These fine particle pollutants are easily carried by the wind and therefore can bring soot and other particulate matter from agricultural fires burning thousands of kilometres away.

Exhaust from factory chimneys and coal-fired power plants only exacerbate the situation.

Some of the polluted air will be carried by the wind From Ho Chi Minh City which is one the most polluted cities in South East Asia.

What is the effect of Ben Cat's poor air quality on health?

Particulate Matter (PM) is the term used to define particles suspended in the air. The 2.5 denoted the size of the said particles. Because of its microscopic size, PM2.5 can cause the most severe threat to human health. It can remain suspended in the atmosphere for long periods of time and then, once inhaled, can travel deep into the lung tissue as far as the alveoli found at the base of the bronchial tubes. From here they enter the body tissue and can travel as far as the heart. Whilst in the lungs they cause respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis, and emphysema.

Recent scientific studies have provided concrete evidence of a link between vehicle exhaust fumes and cardiovascular disease. Short-term exhaust exposure has also been associated with myocardial anaemia, acute myocardial infarction and high blood pressure. In addition, lead in the polluted air also affects the blood-forming process by inhibiting a number of important enzymes. At the same time, it damages red blood cell membranes and disturbs the metabolism inside cells. Eventually causing early cell death, resulting in anaemia. Breathing heavily pollutes air increases the risk of cancer developing.

Pollutants in the air can increase the risk of diabetes. This is because the body is constantly fighting off pollutants and inflammation caused by these substances.

It is thought that certain pollutants in the air can affect male fertility. Pollutants can also destroy skin cells and affect the skin's ability to regenerate, change the pigmentation in the skin and accelerate the ageing process.

What can be done to improve the air quality in Ben Cat?

The Division of Natural Resources and Environment in Ben Cat Town has developed a plan to carry out the tasks of environmental communication, pollution prevention, control and minimization which will overcome pollution and degradation. In addition, the department strengthens the capacity of state management in the environmental field and protects the sustainable exploitation of natural resources. Local authorities are to be given the power to control air pollution at the source. Within the first six months of 2019, several businesses were inspected and recommendations were made as to how they can make improvements to their emissions. This followed a series of complaints regarding the large amounts of dust and exhaust gases that were being produced. Companies that produce a large amount of dust are now required to use shields, where possible and to regularly spray the area with water to try to keep the dust out of the air.

During 2019, the local government issued a policy to help both economic growth and at the same time protect the environment. Both of which are extremely important for the future growth of Ben Cat.

Every person can contribute to the improvement of air quality in Ben Cat by regularly using public transport, and at the same time be conscious of their environment. The planting of trees around homes and workplaces is beneficial because they can block a lot of dust. They also produce more oxygen for the immediate environment. The limitation in the use of honeycomb charcoal cooking stoves and the use of cleaner fuels will greatly help.

More and more people are increasingly aware of the potential damage caused by breathing polluted air. Together they have a stronger voice when it comes to challenging the local government on environmental issues.

What protection can I use to help reduce the effects of poor quality air in Ben Cat?

Wearing a good quality mask when outside will bring a degree of protection. Some of the better quality masks are of a high enough quality to filter out the PM10 particulates. A pair of glasses will also stop dust from entering the eyes. Saline eye drops can help in the removal of any debris that has entered the eyes.

Air purifiers are available for the car and also for the home. Quality ones being available from IQAir.com.

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