Qualité de l’air à District de Gurgaon

Indice de qualité de l’air (IQA) et pollution de l’air (PM2.5) à District de Gurgaon


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Quel temps fait-il actuellement à District de Gurgaon?

Icône météo
Vent3.4 mp/h
Pression1014 mb

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5 Delhi, Delhi


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8 Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh


9 Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh


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Classement IQA en direct à District de Gurgaon

Classement de la qualité de l’air en direct à District de Gurgaon

#stationIQA US
1 NASA The Pinnacle


2 Vikas Sadan, Gurugram, Haryana - HSPCB


3 NASA Park Life


4 National Media Centre


5 Sector-51, Gurugram - HSPCB


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7 Exclusive Floors DLF 5


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IQA en direct
Mauvais pour la santé

Visage humain indiquant le niveau AQI

Vue d’ensemble

Quelle est la qualité de l’air actuellement à District de Gurgaon?

Niveau de pollution de l’airIndice de pollution de l’airPrincipaux polluants
Mauvais pour la santé 183 IQA UStrendPM2.5
117.9 µg/m³trend

Recommandations de santé

Comment se protéger de la pollution de l’air à District de Gurgaon?

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Prévision de l’indice de qualité de l’air (IQA) à District de Gurgaon

JourNiveau de pollutionTempsTempératureVent
mercredi, janv. 13

Très mauvais pour la santé 241 IQA US

Visage humain indiquant le niveau AQI
jeudi, janv. 14

Très mauvais pour la santé 294 IQA US

Visage humain indiquant le niveau AQI
vendredi, janv. 15

Très mauvais pour la santé 271 IQA US

Visage humain indiquant le niveau AQI

Très mauvais pour la santé 220 IQA US

Visage humain indiquant le niveau AQI
Icône météo69.8°46.4°
Vent tournant à 314 degré

4.5 mp/h

dimanche, janv. 17

Mauvais pour la santé 174 IQA US

Visage humain indiquant le niveau AQI
Icône météo69.8°51.8°
Vent tournant à 133 degré

6.7 mp/h

lundi, janv. 18

Mauvais pour la santé 175 IQA US

Visage humain indiquant le niveau AQI
Icône météo71.6°51.8°
Vent tournant à 130 degré

6.7 mp/h

mardi, janv. 19

Mauvais pour la santé 159 IQA US

Visage humain indiquant le niveau AQI
Icône météo71.6°55.4°
Vent tournant à 310 degré

4.5 mp/h

mercredi, janv. 20

Mauvais pour les personnes sensibles 125 IQA US

Visage humain indiquant le niveau AQI
Icône météo71.6°53.6°
Vent tournant à 292 degré

8.9 mp/h

jeudi, janv. 21

Mauvais pour les personnes sensibles 106 IQA US

Visage humain indiquant le niveau AQI
Icône météo73.4°53.6°
Vent tournant à 301 degré

8.9 mp/h

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Graphique de l’historique de la qualité de l’air à District de Gurgaon

Comment se protéger au mieux de la pollution de l’air?

Réduire votre exposition à la pollution de l’air à District de Gurgaon



What is the current air quality in Gurugram?

Located in the Indian state of Haryana, Gurugram can be also known as Gurgaon. Gurugram is a leading financial center as many major Indian cities such as Mumbai and Chennai. Gurugram has the reputation of having one of the world’s worst air quality, altough there has been improvments over 2019. Indeed, from 2017 to 2018, Gurugam annual average AQI improved from 197 to 192. To put this in context, the Air Quality Index (AQI) is divided into six categories:

AQI Air Pollution Level
0 to 50 Air quality conditions are good
51 to 100 Air quality conditions are qualified of moderate
101 to 150 Air quality is unhealthy for sensitives groups (for example people with respiratory problems, older and younger people)
151 to 200 Air quality becomes unhealthy for everyone
201 to 300 Air quality is very unhealthy and dangerous
301 to 500 Air quality is hazardous : Health Alert

Looking at the AQI scale, we know that between 2017 and 2018, the average annual air quality conditions in Gurugram were considered unhealthy for sensitive groups which is far behind the pollution exposure recommendations of the World Health Organization’s guidelines. Gurugram's 2019 air pollution data are encouraging and give hope for the future.

Which is the most polluted city of the world?

In 2018, Gurugram ranked number 1 most polluted city in our IQAir AirVisual’s 2018 World Air Quality Report. The city is only about 30 kilometers away from Delhi, the Indian capital which reached an annual PM2.5 average concentration of 135.8μg/m³ during 2018.

In march 2019, Gurugram was again named the 7th most polluted city in the world by the IQAir Visual's 2019 World Air Quality Report Report.

Why is Gurugram so polluted?

One of the main reasons for Gurugram's air pollution is dust, coming from different sources. One part of the dust is coming from neighboring areas and the intensive construction's activities as Gurugram is developing rapidly.

Another reason explaining the current Gurugram air pollution is the transporation-related gaz emissions. Where the Indian capital Delhi has CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) requirements for public transport, this regulation measure hasn’t been enforced in the Gurugram area. For example, vehicles spewing black smoke are not currently regulated which leads to important gazes emissions in the city.

A third reason is the use of Diesel, for cars and generators. In Gurugram, no restrictions from the government has been taken to control the excessive utilization of gensets at this time.

How can Gurugram pollution be reduced?

Indian authorities have launched a new project called the NCAP (National Clean Air Program), to cut pollution by 20% to 30% in 102 of the most polluted cities in the country with a target to 2024. The objective is to reduce transport and industrial emissions, lower the dust pollution, and take limiting rules on biomass burning.

The GRAP (The Graded Response Action Plan) has been implemented in 2018 to ensure that actions are taken to improve Gurugram air quality. Several measures have been taken:

  • - Avoiding Garbage Incineration
  • - Deployment of additional police force to ensure more effective fluidity of the traffic in vulnerable areas
  • - Mechanized cleaning road takes place in Gurugram and other polluted cities of India.

Over the last years, Indian government acquired more air quality monitoring stations, especially in the Haryana state where Gurugram is located. Thanks to IQAir, all Gurugram's Residents have now access to the pollution levels rate in the city and air pollution forecasts.

How can you tell if air pollution is affecting you?

Different signals can indicate that the air pollution is affecting your health. If you feel more tired than usual, pollution can be the cause as it is known to increase fatigue. Bad air quality can weaken your immune system and reduce body resistance to infections.

Chest pain, headache, nausea and dry throat can also be signs of air pollution affecting your well-being. If you already have respiratory disease such as asthma, the pollution can make it worse. Wearing good quality face mask when air pollution is high is one of the best choices you can make to protect yourself and your family

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