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What are some readings shown on the air quality maps for Lampang?

When referring to the air quality map shown above for the city of Lampang, users can observe that there are numerous readings spread out across the city, as well as in the surrounding regions. Whilst there are more air quality monitoring stations available in Chiang Mai due to the exceedingly high pollution levels that are seen here during certain times of the year, Lampang itself will likely see a growth in the number of air quality monitoring stations available, which will give inhabitants as well as travelers more in-depth data as to the level of air pollution currently sitting over the city, at whichever time they are observing the air pollution map.

To cite some readings that were recorded during the middle portion of June of 2022 as an example (and this is only being used as a reference by which readers may learn or gain more insight into the air quality map function, as well as other pieces of information regarding air pollution throughout the article), US AQI readings of 34 were seen to the eastern side of the city. This is a reading that would place Lampang, or that particular part of the city, into the best air quality rating bracket, that of the 'good' air quality rating, which requires a US AQI reading of 50 or below to be classified as such. This will show up on the air quality map as a green disc, as each pollution rating has its color code to go along with it, starting with lighter colors such as green and then making their way up to darker colors, red, purple and maroon, to indicate more severe levels of air pollution. If any of these colors are witnessed on the air quality map, there may be severe health consequences for those living or stuck in that particular area. Such readings will not be seen for much of the year, but due to Lampang being in the northern region of Thailand and thus subject to potentially higher amounts of smoke from the slash and burn farming practices, there may very well be such high readings towards the end of the year, or at the very beginning of the year, when these open burn practices are taking place. This is when the use of air quality maps will be an extremely helpful resource in the long fight against reducing pollution levels and reducing individual exposure to clouds of smoke, haze and hazardous particles, seen in the form of high US AQI readings on the air pollution map for Lampang and surrounding cities.

Are air pollution maps helpful in providing data that can prevent health issues in Lampang?

Air quality maps can provide helpful information and data regarding the air cleanliness in Lampang updated constantly throughout the day and can aid greatly in reducing some of the more prominent diseases and other health issues that arise as a result of excessive pollution exposure. When the US AQI readings are shown to be high in a given area, several different health issues may arise, ranging from more superficial and short-term ones to severe health consequences. As they have their pollution classification and ratings (as is shown clearly in the color-coding on each reading across the air pollution map in Lampang, with the lighter colors indicating the best levels of air quality up to moderately polluted ones, and darker colors indicating unhealthy through to extremely dangerous levels of air pollution), there will be higher chances and risks of people suffering from health issues if they are in an area that is shown on the air quality map as being of a more unhealthy level.

Some examples of health issues that may occur when readings on the air pollution maps in Lampang are ones such as dry coughs, irritation to the mucous membranes such as the nose, eyes, ears and throat, as well as potential infections of the respiratory tract, particularly when higher amounts of pollution are inhaled over a longer period. Other more serious issues include those that fall under the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) bracket, which can include asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and pneumonia.

In regards to the air pollution maps and how they can assist users and the general public in reducing potential harmful occurrences, some of which were mentioned above, they show specifically which parts of Lampang have the highest levels of pollution, and which times of the day have the highest readings. With this information in mind for users, they may employ several preventative measures to safeguard their health, particularly if some users have young children, who are especially vulnerable to the negative effects of pollution exposure. If an area shows high US AQI readings on the air quality map, and indeed persists that way over extended spells, which is a common sight in areas such as highways and main roads that see a large amount of rush hour traffic, then actions can be taken.

Avoiding certain areas when they have higher readings on the air pollution maps can reduce potential future health problems, as well as reduce the risk of aggravating pre-existing ones. As such, air quality maps can be very helpful in identifying which areas of Lampang and indeed any other city in Thailand are the most polluted, and measures such as avoiding outdoor activity in said area, or wearing particle filtering masks if outdoor travel cannot be avoided (in the case of daily commutes) will all be extremely helpful in reducing pollution-related illnesses.

What causes high pollution readings on Lampang’s air quality maps?

As mentioned in the first question, Lampang may see formidable spikes in its US AQI readings from September through to March of the following year (with variations of course being possible), due to vast areas of farmland or forests being set ablaze not only within the northern region of the country itself but also coming from fires started in countries to the north such as Myanmar, where smoke clouds can drift down depending on wind currents. Other common causes of elevated pollution levels witnessed on the pollution maps for Lampang include car emissions, as well as fumes given off from factories and power plants.

Are air pollution maps more useful for certain people or during certain times of the year in Lampang?

Those with pre-existing health conditions will find the pollution map for Lampang to be of much greater facility. Others who will also benefit more include the elderly, young children and babies, pregnant mothers, as well as those with a hypersensitive disposition towards certain pollutants or particles. These people will benefit to a much greater degree than others, although it must be noted that pollution can harm everyone, and thus all can utilize the air quality map in Lampang to their advantage.

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