We empower people to breathe cleaner air.

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The cleanest air in the world – at your workplace

IQAir has pursued a vision of better air around the world for over 60 years, and our celebrated family-owned company is now an air quality data and technology solutions leader. We empower our people to develop cutting-edge products and contribute to our global mission to help every person in the world breathe cleaner air. 

IQAir North America in Los Angeles County is the North American Headquarters for Swiss-based IQAir Holdings. IQAir North America also plays a key role in planning, executing, and implementing global strategy through both physical and digital platforms.

As an employee of IQAir North America, you’ll contribute every day to our global efforts as air quality becomes even more important to billions around the world. 

IQAir: Certified “Great Place To Work.”

IQAir believes that fostering an environment of integrity, respect, and emphasis on work that matters fuels workplace excellence – and it shows! We’re proud to be a certified “Great Places to Work" through independent analysis and feedback from our employees. 

Voices of our people

Frank Hammes

CEO of IQAir

“Air is life. We need a strong team to enable as many people
on this earth as possible to breathe healthy air.”

Roland Bart

Supply Chain Manager (Since 2011)

“IQAir is a great place to work because it values and trusts its employees to take ownership of their roles; I am able to share in the company's success.”

Ueli Bichsel

Software Engineer (Since 2008)

“IQAir empowers me to help make crucial decisions.”

Saban Dzinic

Operator (Since 2016)

“IQAir empowers me by recognizing and developing my potential.”

Nicole Halter

HR Assistant (Since 2017)

“IQAir empowers me to help determine our team culture.”

Almira Zecic

Quality Controller (Since 2002)

“IQAir empowers me to be who I am as well as offer forth
and develop my strengths in quality assurance.”




Company insights

Air Quality Experts

Our Air Quality Experts apply their expertise and passion for air quality science, technology, and implementation to serve the needs of our diverse base of end users, business clients, and educational institutions, from helping individuals improve indoor air quality at home to supporting intricate data applications across multiple countries.

Product Management and Marketing

Product Management evaluates market needs and defines new Products, ensuring a focus on efficient processes and long-term success from idea to market launch to optimization. Our Product Management team works hand in hand with marketing specialists around the world to message the value of our data and technology products to an incredibly diverse, worldwide base of users.

Air Quality Management

IQAir is involved in all aspects of air quality monitoring and management – we consult with small businesses, community groups, and multinational corporations alike to identify sources of poor air quality, propose air cleaning solutions, and ensure that the cleanest air is always available to breathe. We also collaborate closely with local air quality management districts to help make policy changes that contribute to broad, long-term air quality solutions.

Web Application Development

Our powerhouse team of developers supports global front-end and back-end website development initiatives to ensure the most seamless user experiences for both internal and external stakeholders no matter their application needs or location in the world.

Supply Chain Management

Coordinating forecasts, production, orders, shipments, and distribution channels for our wide range of air quality solutions is a colossal task – and IQAir employs some of the brightest minds in the field to optimize efficiency, exceed customer expectations, and develop cutting-edge supply chain practices to keep us ahead of the competition.