High-Efficiency Panel Filters


Ultra-high performance HVAC air filtration

MERV 16 performance in a HVAC filter.

Advanced HyperHEPA pleat design

Special pleat design in the NanoMax filter results in five times more filter surface area than that of conventional HEPA filters. Advanced HEPA pleat-spacing technology in the NanoMax allowed IQAir designers to build in 60 square feet of surface area – five times more than the surface area of a conventional pleated air filter. The result is increased airflow and better filter loading, which widens replacement intervals and reduces costs.

NanoMax filters are extremely cost-effective

Typical three-month replacement intervals can be extended to 12 months with the NanoMax filter, resulting in substantial savings. What's more, unlike conventional commercial HEPA filters, NanoMax filters require little or no alterations to existing HVAC systems. And, increased productivity, lower infection rates, higher attendance, lower health care costs, and higher employee retention have been associated with improved air quality, adding to the potential financial benefits of NanoMax filters.

Effectiveness far beyond ordinary filters

  • Straining Effect: Captures very large particles (> 100 microns) that are simply too large to fit in between filter fibers. 
  • Impingement Effect: Larger particles (> 10 microns) like mold spores and pollen collide with and attach to fibers. 
  • Interception Effect: Smaller particles (< 10 microns) are captured as they come within half a particle diameter of the fiber. 
  • Electrostatic Attraction: The electrostatic charges of fibers help attract and capture smaller particles (< 10 microns).
  • Diffusion: Very small particles (ultrafine particles < 0.1 microns) are bounced around by air, eventually colliding with filter fibers.

A new generation of air filters

IQAir NanoMax is a new generation of ultra high-performance air filters for commercial HVAC systems. NanoMax filters reduce fine and ultrafine particles by up to 95%, including viruses, bacteria, allergens, and harmful traffic pollutants. What’s more, NanoMax filters eliminate the need for costly upgrades to a building’s HVAC system that are associated with HEPA filters. NanoMax filters require no prefilters, fit into standard 2” filter slots, and have pressure drops fully compatible with standard HVAC systems.

Exceeds industry standards

NanoMax filters exceed MERV 16 requirements per ASHRAE 52.2 standards. NanoMax filters are designed to capture even the smallest and deadliest airborne particles: PM2.5 (< 2.5 microns) and ultrafine particles (< 0.1 microns), which can get into your bloodstream and cause systemic health effects. High-efficiency NanoMax filters remove up to 95% of all airborne particles down to 0.003 microns, including dust, mold, viruses, bacteria, allergens, and harmful traffic pollutants.

Swiss quality

Swiss Made is more than just a label of origin. It is a sign of outstanding quality, uniqueness, superior design, innovation, precision, and reliability. We test and certify each and every IQAir air purification system. We manufacture our air purifiers at our state-of-the-art Swiss production facility on the pristine shores of Lake Constance. By using the highest quality components, a dedicated team of highly skilled and extensively trained specialists, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes refined for more than 50 years, IQAir builds the finest air purifiers in the world. 


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