The world's #1 air quality app

Get real-time global coverage of vital air pollution and weather statistics with the AirVisual app. Track hyperlocal or global air quality, stay up-to-date with weather forecasts, set up air quality alerts, and more. The AirVisual app is your invaluable air quality ally.


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You are what you breathe

Air pollution is an invisible threat to everyone’s health — make it visible with the AirVisual app. Track key local pollutants like PM2.5, PM10, and CO2 as well as global data from SO2 & ozone sensors on a brilliant, easy-to-read LCD.

Be aware of the air everywhere

Expand your scope of air pollution around the globe with the panoramic world pollution map feature.


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Don’t just deal with poor air quality — stay ahead of it with forecasting

Developed with advanced machine learning and AI, the AirVisual app’s 7-day forecast provides the smartest air quality predictions so you can plan your activities accordingly.

The world’s largest air quality data set is in your hands

The AirVisual app combines data sets from over 60,000 sensors from government agencies, satellite imagery, and crowdsourced AirVisual Pro monitors to give you the most comprehensive view of air quality in the world.

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An app that helps you avoid air pollution

The air you’re breathing indoors can be up to 100 times worse than it is outdoors. Easily monitor your indoor air quality with the AirVisual Pro to ensure that you’re breathing only clean, healthful air in your home, office, and more.

As low as $269


An app that helps you avoid air pollution

Discover sources of outdoor air pollution using publicly available monitoring data so you can safeguard yourself against hazardous air quality wherever you go. Stay up to date with all things air pollution, including current events, medical discoveries, and breaking news.

Stay alert, stay connected

Schedule notifications when your indoor air quality isn’t up to your standards. Get helpful health recommendations to reduce your exposure to harmful air pollution. The air quality widget gives you live air quality data for your favorite locations — without opening the app.