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Air pollution causes 1 in 9 deaths, and huge parts of the world still lack access to basic air quality data. IQAir is working to change this by empowering the world to breathe cleaner air.

IQAir engages citizen scientists, organizations, and governments to contribute data and fight environmental injustice by increasing the breadth and depth of air quality data where it's most needed. We partner with global organizations like the United Nations and Greenpeace to educate people worldwide about the impact of air pollution.

Our data contributors change the world

Two types of contributors

Individuals/Citizen Scientists
Individuals/Citizen Scientists

Abid in Pakistan

Join over 10,000 individuals and global citizen scientists contributing data to this free, real-time air quality platform. Crowdsourced data from individuals like you help fill the data gaps.

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Main Astronomical Observatory in the Ukraine

We work with many organizations and governments around the world to provide Community Air Monitoring. Our free, real-time air quality platform provides their constituents access to local air quality data.


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Low-cost sensors reduce barriers

Federal equivalent method (FEM) monitors can cost over tens of thousands of dollars. However, low-cost sensors can provide highly accurate comparable data for only a couple of hundred dollars. Low-cost monitors can fill the air quality data gaps in underserved areas, as they are less costly, more easily accessible, easy to operate, and can be crowdsourced.

By simply purchasing an outdoor, low-cost sensor, individuals and citizen scientists can make an immediate impact in communities, providing needed public stations in areas where there are no monitors. In less than two hours, you can help your community with essential crowdsourced data. Whether it’s for a community organization, non-profit, or government agency, IQAir can provide full-service support and infrastructure to create and maintain air quality network(s). IQAir’s Community Air Monitoring provides turn-key air quality monitoring networks with low-cost sensors with optional reference monitors.


How you can help

Already have a monitor?<br/> Join our instrument agnostic platform today. Get a free Contributor account today.

Already have a monitor?
Join our instrument agnostic platform today. Get a free Contributor account today.

 Do you need a monitor?<br/> Get an Outdoor monitor for seamless integration with our platform.

Do you need a monitor?
Get an Outdoor monitor for seamless integration with our platform.

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Choose a monitor
Ready to get started? Low-cost monitors make air quality monitoring easy. Choose a monitor and start publishing air quality information in a few simple steps.
AirVisual Outdoor
Weatherized outdoor air quality monitor with modular, field-swappable PM and CO₂ sensors.


  • PM2.5
  • PM1
  • PM10
  • CO₂
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
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A proven air quality monitoring solution for home enthusiasts and air quality professionals alike.


  • PM2.5
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Clarity Node-S
A sensing-as-a-service solution inclusive of solar and battery powered hardware, global cellular connectivity, and data assurance support for government agencies, schools, and community groups. Not intended for individual consumer purchases.


  • PM2.5
  • NO₂
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Is your type of monitor not yet supported here? Please contact us.
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    A Contributor obtains and maintains air quality sensor(s) and makes the data public. Contributor benefits include:
    1. Free air quality monitoring tools: Contributors gain access to the AirVisual Enterprise Dashboard at no cost.
    2. Showcase your commitment to air quality: Help spread the word on air quality to your station’s followers and to the world with your public profile.
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  • Support Our Foundation

    The IQAir Foundation is dedicated to helping underrepresented and underprivileged communities improve their air quality.

    Join our fight against environmental injustice and help bring the essential right of clean air to those that need it the most.

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