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In 1968, the first air quality monitors were deployed and maintained by the Douglas County Health Department (DCHD) around the Omaha Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). Total Suspended Particles (TSP) monitors were placed in areas with a history of or the potential for, specific air pollution problems. Two main events happened in 1970 that really helped begin and expand the Douglas County Health Departments venture into Air Quality Monitoring. 1) The Clean Air Act is passed by U.S. Congress which established the six criteria pollutants (Particulate Matter, Ozone, Sulfur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Lead) 2) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is created In 1971, DCHD was asked to assist the State of Nebraska in order to satisfy the requirements of the Federal Clean Air Act through the Nebraska Environmental Protection Act by achieving and maintaining State and Federal Ambient Air Quality Standards and to protect air quality.


Omaha - NCORE

Omaha, USA


NCORE (Health Department Campus)

Omaha, USA


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Carter Lake, USA

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