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Any Chiang Mai doctor will happily explain the dangers of air pollution to their patients. As most will have diagnosed issues caused by it, due to the yearly burning in the region. Our medical practice in Chiang Mai, Thailand is no exception as we have been advising our patients on how to protect themselves since the opening of our doctors’ surgery in 2014. With the assistance of AirVisual we have been able to further help people by letting them monitor the air quality in Chiang Mai using our reporting station. At CM Mediclinic healthcare is our priority, our doctor and medical team are available to help those with health conditions caused by air pollution. We are also on hand to help with our wide range of medical services including medical consultations, health checks, general health care, cardiovascular diagnostics, routine & travel vaccinations, medicine prescriptions, laboratory testing including stool, urine & blood tests, full sti / std testing services including rapid HIV testing, HIV treatment medication including HIV PEP & PrEP, specialist doctor referrals and much more. Let us put your health in good hands.


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