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Most polluted air quality stations

#stationUS AQI
1 Rare Stone Museum


2 Nannarin Vlg


3 Riverdale Golf Club


4 (SBS) Satit Rangsit


5 Thai International School


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Does the current level of air pollution show on the air quality map for Pathum Thani?

When the interactive air quality map for Pathum Thani is first opened, the user will be met with many coloured discs superimposed on top of each other. Each of these discs has a colour that represents the air quality at that station. Most of them in and around Pathum Thani are either green or yellow. The higher the number, the worse the air quality is. This United States Air Quality Index number is supported by the World Health Organisation (WHO) and is used to compare different cities throughout the world. It is calculated by measuring the levels of nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide and PM2.5 and PM10. If all figures are not available a level can be calculated by using what data there is.

When a disc is selected, a drop-down box appears on the right-hand side of the screen with additional information about that station. This now tells you the air temperature, humidity, wind speed and air pressure. All of which can make a difference to air quality. The level of the pollutant PM2.5 is also given as is a breakdown of air quality over the past 24 hours. These boxes are packed with useful information about air quality and pollution and will be invaluable when making choices about travelling within the city.

Is there any other information on the air pollution map for Pathum Thani?

As the user expands the map, the overlapping discs will begin to separate and reveal more discs beneath them. Each disc is colour-coded with pale green representing the best air quality. As the quality worsens, the colour of the disc darkens until it becomes dark maroon which represents the worst air quality.

There are four primary functions on the left-hand side of the page. This shows where the air monitors are and the air quality recorded by each station. The location of wildfires is shown as they can heavily influence air quality within a city. The last piece of information is wind direction which can show the possible detrimental effects caused by the wildfires. The closest wildfire in early April 2022 was less than 20 kilometres away. (When checking the air pollution map for Pathum Thani it can be seen that are actually four wildfires in close proximity to the city.

Although more prevalent in the north of the country, wildfires can still be a problem for air quality, wherever they are. Pathum Thani is no different. Fires can sometimes start by natural means such as by lightning, but more often than not they are started accidentally by people and their careless ways. Sometimes controlled stubble burning gets out of control or a carelessly discarded cigarette end is all it takes. During and after the fires, the PM levels are extremely high and very dangerous to those with existing respiratory diseases.

Wind speed and direction can be very important to the air quality of a city. Pollutants from outside the area and even from another country can be carried on the wind and deposited over the city as the wind loses pressure and its ability to carry the pollutants.

Can we see the most polluted areas on the air pollution map for Pathum Thani?

The air pollution map for Pathum Thani shows where the worst areas of air quality are through the use of the coloured discs. The darker the colour; the worse the quality. Sometimes you may see a dark coloured disc in an unusual area, but the factory has probably been established at that site for many years and the residential area has developed around it. Local authorities often subsidise a move to the outer city limits for such businesses. Not only does it remove the pollutants from its emissions but their staff no longer need to drive through the city to get to work so it can be a double benefit.

As previously mentioned, each disc shows the US AQI number. These are averaged out to establish a mean reading for the entire city. At the start of April 2022, this mean figure was 84 which can be classified as “Moderate”. The average PM2.5 figure was 27.8µg/m³ which is over five and a half times the WHO recommended level of 5 µg/m³.

The local authorities have taken proactive measures by using a high-pressure water spray to increase moisture, reduce the amount of dust and smog in the air, as well as cleaning traffic surfaces, vacuuming and cleaning roads in various areas.

PM2.5 is a figure quoted on the air pollution map of Pathum Thani, but what is it?

PM2.5 comes from both primary sources such as transportation, generation of electricity from fossil fuels open-air incineration and manufacturing industry. Secondary origin is caused by a chemical reaction in the atmosphere with sulphur or nitrogen and ammonia as precursors. Therefore, emissions of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are created from various sources especially fossil power generation and industrial production. When it condenses in the atmosphere, it also affects the formation of secondary PM2.5.

PM2.5 dust is considered to be the most health-affecting pollutant among general air pollutants. Due to its very small size, PM2.5 can enter the human respiratory system. and then all over the body It is the cause of many short-term and long-term health effects. According to the State of Global Air, PM2.5 causes approximately 37,500 premature deaths in Thailand. This is a public health crisis where children, the elderly and the most at-risk populations in society are most affected.

Particulate matter less than 2.5 microns (PM2.5) is smaller than 1 in 25 parts of the diameter of human hair can spread into the respiratory system. The air sacs in the lungs and the bloodstream directly affect the processes of organs in the body and increase the risk of chronic disease.

Air pollution is a contributing factor to many diseases due to its composition. Many chemicals, from irritants to carcinogens, are the cause of disease, including: chronic obstructive pulmonary disease cerebrovascular disease ischemic heart disease, lung cancer, and acute lower respiratory tract infections. Ozone gas is a lung irritant and is a contributing factor to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

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