Pollen count and allergy info for Rohnert Park

Rohnert Park pollen and allergy report

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Today's Pollen Count in Rohnert Park

Pollen types
Tree pollenLow
Grass pollenLow
Weed pollenModerate

Air quality

Air quality of Rohnert Park today

PM2.5 µg/m³Good
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Allergy forecast

Rohnert Park pollen count forecast

DayIndex Tree Grass Weed WindWeatherTemperature
Wind rotating 240 degree 6.7 mp/h
Weather icon
51.8° 39.2°
Tuesday, Mar 5
Wind rotating 187 degree 6.7 mp/h
Weather icon 50%
55.4° 44.6°
Wednesday, Mar 6
Wind rotating 277 degree 6.7 mp/h
Weather icon
60.8° 44.6°

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