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Most polluted air quality stations

#stationUS AQI
1 Bradford East Bowling Flockton Grove Zephyr


2 Bradford Horton Aberdeen Place Zephyr


3 Bradford Gt Horton All Saints Prim Sch Zephyr


4 Bradford Low Moor First Street Zephyr


5 Home Farm Primary


6 Bradford Treadwell Mills


7 Bradford Tong Street


8 Farleton Drive


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Are there pollution readings on the air quality map for Bradford?

The air quality map for Bradford has readings that show the pollution levels, which are updated constantly throughout the day and over the year, giving concise data to users regarding how clean, or polluted the air in Bradford is. To cite some examples from early June of 2022 (and these are mere examples, and the air quality map should be checked for more up to date information), Bradford came in with readings of 8 in the northeastern part of the city, representing a very good level of air cleanliness. Further east a higher reading of 24 was taken, along with other US AQI figures of 21, 26 and 29 being recorded. All of these fell into the 'good' air quality rating bracket (shown as green on the pollution map), and although readings of 50 and above were seen a few hours before this, the air quality map readings showed that the air was safe and very clean in some parts of the city. Pollution levels on the air quality map may change rapidly, however, and should be checked for updates when necessary.

What types of pollution form the reading on the air quality map in Bradford?

In order for users to gain more knowledge and information on the data shown on the air quality map above for Bradford, the following will be an account of what the US AQI reading is, along with some brief explanations on the classification systems in place, which group the air pollution levels on the air quality map into more accessible and easier to follow groupings, based on the level of air cleanliness, or in certain cases the lack of it. As has been briefly mentioned before, Bradford and many cities in the United Kingdom have a good level of air quality, as can be seen on the air pollution maps themselves, as well as on the city map pages or even the section on the IQAir website that shows yearly average readings of cities from years past. However, pollution readings can shoot up rapidly, due to many different elements coming together to form situations whereby soot, haze, smoke and hazardous particles can accumulate within the atmosphere over Bradford (with some causes also being mentioned in the following question), causing the US AQI reading on the air quality map to rise. When these levels are higher, the pollutants that form the US AQI readings will thus become more highly concentrated, and being knowledgeable about what these pollutants are can help keep users more informed in the continuous efforts to stave off pollution-related health problems, as well as make a difference on a personal level.

To go straight to the pollutants that form the US AQI reading as seen on the air pollution maps, they include carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone (or smog as it is more commonly referred to, which can be seen in visible accumulations in certain areas or roads around the world, particularly in cities where there are high levels of sunlight coupled with many cars crammed into dense roads surrounded by buildings), along with the two forms of particulate matter. These two particle-based pollutants can figure largely into the readings above on the air quality map, and the smaller of the two is widely known as one of the most dangerous forms of pollution that can be found in the air, released by many different sources. PM10 is the larger or more coarse form of particulate matter used in calculating the US AQI reading on the air quality map, often generated from sand, fine soil, or other sediments, as well as being released from fires. PM2.5, its smaller counterpart, is as mentioned, the far more dangerous of the two, constituting any material that is 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter.

PM2.5 can be made up of materials such as silica dust, soot, oil or water vapors, metals, nitrates and sulfates, along with mold spores and certain bacteria. Due to its ultrafine size, it can penetrate deep into the tissue of the lungs and even enter the bloodstream. When US AQI readings are high within a certain area in Bradford, it is of interest to know that individuals may be breathing many of these particles, which can be released from vehicles, both from their exhaust fumes, and even finely ground rubber particles from the tires making its way into the air to be potentially breathed in (although these can also constitute larger, PM10 based pollution). Whilst the air quality map for Bradford does not show the exact concentration levels of these pollutants (which can be found on the city page itself, along with air quality forecasts and an average pollution level reading for the entire city), with this knowledge at hand, individuals can make more informed decisions about what activities they partake in during times when the pollution levels on the air quality maps are higher. In closing, a summary of the air pollution classifications used are as follows. 'Good' air quality ratings come in at a US AQI level of 0 to 50, with 0 representing the cleanest possible level of air, free from a majority of the contaminating elements found in polluted areas.

‘Moderate' is the next rating up and requires a reading of 51 to 100 for classification. This will typically be the highest rating seen in many cities in the United Kingdom, particularly when it comes to ambient, or year-round readings. However, under certain conditions, the rating may move up to 'unhealthy for sensitive groups', which requires a US AQI reading of 101 to 150. This is when individuals may start to experience a noticeable difference in their health, particularly amongst the vulnerable, as the group name suggests.

It is unlikely that readings will go higher than this unless catastrophic polluting events such as wild or industrial fires occur. For US AQI classifications seen in the more or most polluted cities in the world, 'unhealthy', which is colored as red on the air quality map, is more commonly seen, with the most dangerous classifications of very unhealthy and hazardous getting their color-coding of purple and maroon.

Why do the readings on the air quality map for Bradford become higher at some times?

Polluting events, some of which were touched upon in the previous question, cause air quality levels to become poorer on the pollution map for Bradford. This can be caused by emissions from all manner of vehicles, with heavier freight ones such as lorries and trucks being amongst the worst offenders. Open fires, emissions from factories or power plants, as well as pollution drifting in from neighboring cities are all reasons why US AQI readings may become higher on the air quality map for Bradford.

Which people can be aided the most by using air quality maps in Bradford?

Those that may benefit the most from using a map that caters to informing users about pollution hotspots in Bradford are those that are already suffering from pre-existing health issues or others that find themselves amongst groups that may easily develop further health problems. these include the elderly, as well as those with compromised immune systems, babies, young children, and pregnant mothers. All of these groups, along with even healthy individuals (as no one is entirely safe from pollution exposure, particularly when it is acute or even long term), can benefit from referring to the air pollution map above. If high pollution levels are expected, the map can identify exactly where in Bradford the levels are highest and thus may be avoided if possible.

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