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Most polluted air quality stations

#stationUS AQI
1 Bhosari, Pune - IITM


2 Thergaon, Pimpri Chinchwad - MPCB


3 Gavalinagar, Pimpri Chinchwad - MPCB


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Health Recommendations

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Sensitive groups should reduce outdoor exercise
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Close your windows to avoid dirty outdoor air
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Sensitive groups should wear a mask outdoors
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Sensitive groups should run an air purifier

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What information can be found on the air pollution map for Pimpri?

When the air pollution map for Pimpri is first accessed from the main city page, the viewer will see several coloured discs overlapping each other. The meaning of the various colours is explained in the legend at the foot of the page. The colours range from pale green which shows good quality air through yellow, orange and red to purple and maroon which indicates hazardous quality. The overall background colour of the map takes on a shade of dark yellow to indicate the overall air quality as “Moderate”.

Inside each disc is a number which is the US AQI reading of that particular station. The higher the number, the worse the air quality. The number is calculated by measuring up to six of the most prolific air pollutants and is endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). As a standard set of metrics, it can be used when comparing air quality in different cities around the world.

If an individual disc is chosen, then a separate page which is dedicated to that area of the city will open and reveal some very comprehensive information. The main pollutant will be listed which is commonly PM2.5.

There might also be a symbol which represents wildfires which are burning in the vicinity. This can be very useful when studied alongside the wind direction as it can be guessed as to whether or not the ensuing will affect the city or not.

Is any other information to be found on the air pollution map for Pimpri?

Looking directly beneath the air quality map for Pimpri the number of ground stations that provide the information can be seen. In the case of Pimpri, there were four main contributors. By looking at the numbers of each station, it can be evaluated which is the most polluted in the city. Bhumkar chowk – SAFAR was the station with the highest US AQI reading and therefore the dirtiest area of the city when the readings were taken. The stations often have people who “Follow” them and will be alerted to any major change in conditions.

Looking back at the expanded map, the viewer can see a list of four options on the left-hand side of the screen. These include the location of the air monitors, the location of any wildfires burning in the vicinity, the overall air quality and the direction of the wind.

At the other side of the screen will be a table that shows the air quality of cities throughout the world as they are ranked by their cleanliness. This can be interesting to see how your home city compares with others around the world.

For the most comprehensive amount of information, both the main city page and the air quality page should be read together. It will be noted that the US AQI reading for Pimpri in the second quarter of 2022 was 127 which categorises it as being “Unhealthy for sensitive groups”. Five of the main pollutants were listed with PM2.5 being the most important with a figure of 46.2 µg/m³. This level places it over nine times higher than the target figure of 5 µg/m³ as recommended by the WHO.

Can the areas of high pollution be identified on the air quality map for Pimpri?

As previously stated, the numbers on the discs will reveal the areas of high pollution. With a display of 159, the station at Bhumkar chowk – SAFAR was seen to be the area with the highest US AQI reading and therefore, the area with the worst air quality. The background colour of the disc is red which according to the legend, indicates “Unhealthy” air quality.

There are some health recommendations listed on the main city page which suggest wearing a mask when going outside and closing doors and windows to prevent the dirty air from getting inside the building. The operation of an air purifier would be advantageous if one is available.

Can the source of air pollution be detected from the air quality map for Pimpri?

The viewer will be able to see where the cleanest and dirtiest areas of the city are but the information within the map does not directly inform the user where the source of the pollution is.

One of the main sources of pollution in Pimpri is the burning of garbage. General waste is heavily contaminated with plastic when it is burnt which makes the pollution even worse. During the night, cables are being burnt to get the copper wire from them. This causes a great number of pollutants with various metals, fine particles, smoke and dust.

Another major source of air pollution comes from the sheer number of vehicles using the roads. Many of these are the heavy industrial diesel-fuelled trucks which are particularly bad for the environment. There are also very many motorcycles and 3-wheeled vehicles which are often very old and lack the modern technology which helps clean the emissions.

The local authorities have had successful trials of electric buses and consequently have ordered three electric buses and 15 which are powered by natural gas.

PM2.5 is often referred to on the air quality map for Pimpri, but what is it?

PM2.5 is a small substance dissolved in the air. The diameter of these particles is 2.5 micrometres or less. The haze only increases when the level of PM2.5 is high. The visibility level also drops.

PM10 is called particulate matter. The size of these particles is 10 micrometres or less in diameter. It includes dust, dirt and fine particles of metal. PM10 and PM2.5 increase more due to dust, construction and burning of garbage and stubble.

Even healthy people experience health impacts due to polluted air. They may experience breathing difficulties when partaking in outdoor exercise or other strenuous activities. The full effect will depend on your current state of health, the amount of pollution and the length of time exposed to it.

PM2.5 harms children and the elderly the most. This increases the discomfort of the eyes, throat and lungs. There is also a cough and difficulty in breathing. Lung cancer can also occur due to constant exposure. People with pre-existing respiratory problems are also severely affected by these pollutants.

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