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Most polluted air quality stations

#stationUS AQI
1 Tara Pattana International School


2 Regents International School Pattaya


3 Little Hill


4 Lovell International School


5 Mooltripakdee International School


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Are air pollution maps informative for Pattaya?

Air quality maps can be highly informative for this living within Pattaya, as well as those who are visiting for holidays. Whilst tourism has taken a heavy blow due to the pandemic of 2020 causing tourism to largely come to a halt, in 2022 movement is slowly returning to normal, albeit at a fraction of its former movement. However, with the mass movement of people in mind, along with other factors such as a growing industry, increasing vehicle ownership along with infrastructure cropping up in Pattaya as well as throughout the whole of Thailand, overall pollution levels can be increased as a result. In regards to air pollution maps and how they can help keep one informed, it is useful to know that many different air quality monitoring stations are set up throughout Pattaya, as they are in other cities throughout the country, with the capital city of Bangkok having huge amounts of air quality data being fed into its air quality map, due to high demand and people having an increased need to know how the air cleanliness levels are where they live.

Air quality maps in Pattaya display the current levels of US AQI in any given place across the city, wherever that are air quality monitoring stations, whether they be government-based or set up by individual organizations (both of which can provide accurate data, which all come together to help form a clearer picture of the current air quality in Pattaya and other locations where they are set up). As there is a constant stream of updates coming through, citizens can remain informed by referring to the air quality map, over the course of the day as well as throughout the year.

The information from the air pollution maps can then be used to determine which areas of the city are the most highly polluted (and thus preferable to avoid, if possible, especially when strenuous activities such as jogging or sports may be involved). The consistent information coming from the air quality maps will also show which times of the day have the highest levels of pollution, and as such can help people to make more intelligent decisions regarding their activities, particularly when it may bring them into exposure with the myriad of chemical compounds, smoke and other hazardous clouds of fine particulate matter, which show up in the atmosphere whenever the US AQI readings are high. A high US AQI reading will always be a strong indicator of how detrimental the air will be to breathe. One aspect to take into consideration when referring to air quality maps and air pollution maps is that on very rare occasions, a particular station shown on the air quality map may have a very high pollution reading, yet the air quality can seem to be of great quality when observed by individuals within the vicinity. It is important to note that meteorological occurrences such as sudden strong winds can cause larger clouds of pollution to be blown directly over an air quality monitoring station, causing its levels to spike suddenly. Nearby areas that are not receiving these polluting winds (that is, pre-existing pollution clouds being blown in one direction by wind currents) will therefore be significantly cleaner than what is indicated on the air quality map. As such, this is one aspect that should be taken into consideration when consulting the air pollution maps, but they largely remain highly accurate and can be used to great effect for many of the citizens and visitors to Pattaya.

What are some health conditions that can be prevented by using air quality maps in Pattaya?

As the air quality maps show high pollution levels are across Pattaya, there can be many corresponding health issues when people find themselves in the areas that have these higher readings. Air pollution map readings that start to go into the unhealthier range may indicate that certain conditions can appear, which include dry coughing and chest infections, as well as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a term that refers to several illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis. The usage of air quality maps in Pattaya can thus help to bring the exposure to pollutants down, lessening the potential severity of pre-existing conditions amongst people.

Can readings on the air quality maps tell you about the pollution in Pattaya?>

Whilst the city pages on IQAir have concentration graphs of the individual pollutants, it is helpful to know that one can gain a relative idea of which pollutants they are being exposed to simply by seeing the US AQI level present on the air pollution maps. US AQI itself is an aggregation of the main pollutants, namely, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, ozone, carbon monoxide and PM10 and PM2.5, the two main categories of particle pollution, which can contain many different and highly harmful materials (anything can count as one of these two depending on its size, as any material that is 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter is counted as PM2.5).

As such, the air quality maps can give a simplified overview of what pollutants one may encounter, particularly when the US AQI levels start to rise significantly in any given area on the air pollution map in Pattaya.

How can air quality maps help people avoid highly polluted areas in Pattaya?

As was touched upon in the first question of the article, air quality maps in Pattaya can help individuals and families to avoid the more highly polluted areas, or ‘pollution hotspots’ in the city simply by referring to the air pollution maps over a longer period of time. Whilst pollution readings shown on the air quality maps will differ over time and tend to fluctuate due to the aforementioned meteorological impacts as well as sudden changes to air cleanliness due to fires, construction and other natural disasters or unseen events when viewed over longer periods of time, the air pollution maps will give a considerably more accurate idea of which parts of Pattaya are best to avoid, especially if you belong to vulnerable or at-risk demographics, or simply wish to keep your exposure levels to a minimum.

Air pollution maps that have high readings consistently in the same areas are highly useful in determining factors such as where certain people may want to live, or where they spend their time in daily activities as well as potential changes in commuting routes, although this is not always possible due to road infrastructure. Areas with higher US AQI readings (often simply seen via their color-coding, with better air quality being shown with lighter colors such as blue and green, and on the higher end of the ‘clean’ spectrum, yellow. Red, purple and maroon are the darker colors that indicate a considerably more dangerous level of pollution present on the air quality map) consistently cropping up should be avoided. Air quality maps have an advantage over the regular city pages on IQAir (which have advantages of their own such as showing concentrations of certain individual pollutants, as well as forecast predictions for the coming days), as although these city pages can give a great image of how a cities average pollution areas are, it cannot show exactly where the pollution is coming from, which gives the air quality map page for Pattaya a distinct advantage in that area.

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