Air quality and pollution city ranking

Major city US AQIFollowers 
1Lahore, Pakistan Lahore, Pakistan 250 154K
2Dhaka, Bangladesh Dhaka, Bangladesh 174 152K
3Delhi, India Delhi, India 174 1.55M
4Shenyang, China Shenyang, China 164 48.3K
5Beijing, China Beijing, China 159 3.12M
6Zagreb, Croatia Zagreb, Croatia 152 36.4K
7Kabul, Afghanistan Kabul, Afghanistan 152 51.1K
8Tehran, Iran Tehran, Iran 145 284K
9Kolkata, India Kolkata, India 142 1.41M
10Belgrade, Serbia Belgrade, Serbia 136 169K
11Milano, Italy Milano, Italy 131 198K
12Jakarta, Indonesia Jakarta, Indonesia 127 1.45M
13Seoul, South Korea Seoul, South Korea 127 3.1M
14Wuhan, China Wuhan, China 122 185K
15Hanoi, Vietnam Hanoi, Vietnam 119 2.01M
16Incheon, South Korea Incheon, South Korea 117 83K
17Sofia, Bulgaria Sofia, Bulgaria 112 60.2K
18Kathmandu, Nepal Kathmandu, Nepal 109 57K
19Los Angeles, USA Los Angeles, USA 105 2.92M
20Krakow, Poland Krakow, Poland 104 265K
21Mumbai, India Mumbai, India 94 1.46M
22Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina 91 87.7K
23Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan 88 21.9K
24Wroclaw, Poland Wroclaw, Poland 88 36.2K
25Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR 84 470K
26Jerusalem, Israel Jerusalem, Israel 78 54.2K
27Osaka, Japan Osaka, Japan 77 118K
28Warsaw, Poland Warsaw, Poland 76 291K
29Hangzhou, China Hangzhou, China 76 159K
30Karachi, Pakistan Karachi, Pakistan 75 66.5K
31Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 74 48.3K
32Chongqing, China Chongqing, China 74 91.9K
33Kaohsiung, Taiwan Kaohsiung, Taiwan 72 620K
34Skopje, North Macedonia Skopje, North Macedonia 71 37.3K
35Shenzhen, China Shenzhen, China 69 186K
36Guangzhou, China Guangzhou, China 68 1.41M
37Prague, Czech Republic Prague, Czech Republic 67 88.9K
38Denver, USA Denver, USA 66 1.45M
39Kuwait City, Kuwait Kuwait City, Kuwait 65 37.4K
40Budapest, Hungary Budapest, Hungary 65 51.3K
41Mexico City, Mexico Mexico City, Mexico 63 319K
42Chengdu, China Chengdu, China 61 1.41M
43Busan, South Korea Busan, South Korea 61 1.46M
44Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel 60 62.2K
45Kyiv, Ukraine Kyiv, Ukraine 59 198K
46Shanghai, China Shanghai, China 59 1.64M
47Dubai, United Arab Emirates Dubai, United Arab Emirates 59 224K
48Singapore, Singapore Singapore, Singapore 58 681K
49Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 57 2.01M
50Vienna, Austria Vienna, Austria 57 113K

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