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Healthy Buildings – Healthy Occupants

Today, facilities should be more than comfortable and attractive. They should also be healthy – providing clean air to occupants.

The IQAir Clean Air Facility program helps you achieve clean air throughout your facility.

Why clean air?

Breathing clean air is more than just keeping your lungs and body healthy. The benefits of clean air are extensive, including:

  • Greater sense of well-being from overall good health
  • Improved mental health from reduced physical stress and inflammation
  • Higher performance on cognitively demanding tasks
  • Reduced work absences from illnesses prevented by clean air
  • Increased productivity from heightened cognitive acuity

Why IQAir Clean Air Facility?

Our air quality expertise comes from experience. From founding the modern air purifier industry in 1963 to leading today’s air quality data revolution with AirVisual, IQAir has remained at the forefront of air quality for over 50 years.
Our mission is to empower the world to breathe cleaner air through information, collaboration, and technology solutions. Making the workplace safer and cleaner is crucial to that mission.
Through our program, you gain access to our team of Air Quality Experts, who will engineer every element of your building to achieve optimal air quality – along with the proof to display to everyone who walks through your doors and experiences your building’s clean air.

What’s included in the program?

Our team of Air Quality Experts will engineer your facility to deliver the purest air possible throughout your building and provide ongoing support. Our services include:

  • On-Site Air Quality Evaluations
  • Installation Services
  • Air Quality Verification and Monitoring
  • Customized Clean Air Solutions
  • Maintenance and Renewal


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IQAir Clean Air Facility

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