The strong, silent type.

The CleanZone SL combines high performance with ultra-low noise.

Highly effective against ultrafine particles

IQAir HyperHEPA filtration is effective against particles 100x smaller than what ordinary filters claim.

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While the adverse health effects of PM2.5 and PM10 have been studied for many years, scientists agree that ultrafine particles (UFPs) are the most harmful form of air pollution. UFPs are by definition smaller than 0.1 micron. By sheer number, they make up over 90% of all airborne particles. Ultrafine particles have been linked to heart attacks, strokes, asthma, and even cancer. An independent study conducted by the University of California, Riverside demonstrated that the IQAir CleanZone SL Series is capable of removing up to 94% of ultrafine particles from the air.

Exceptional pollution control

The CleanZone SL Series was developed for offices, schools, hospitals, and other commercial sites negatively affected by elevated levels of air pollution. IQAir filtration media in the CleanZone SL continuously removes more than 99% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger and is proven to filter ultrafine particles down to 0.003 microns in diameter, the smallest particles that exist, including diesel soot, allergens, viruses, and all other airborne contaminants.

CleanZone SL

High airflow

The CleanZone SL Series has an exceptional airflow capacity of up to 600 cubic feet per minute (cfm) while meeting the most stringent noise standards and providing unequaled air filtration, enabling it to provide up to four complete air changes per hour in a 9,000 cubic foot room.

Exceptionally quiet

The CleanZone SL Series is the quietest high-performance air purifier in the world. It is virtually inaudible even in quiet indoor spaces, such as offices and classrooms.
Even at the highest fan speed setting, the CleanZone SL only generates an incredibly low sound level of 45 dB(A), three times lower than that generated by typical professional air purifiers.

Powerful tool against allergens and microorganisms

The CleanZone SL is extremely effective in the removal of all types of allergens and microorganisms, including viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust and other allergens,
capable of cleaning all the air in a 1000 square-foot space once every 15 minutes. This means that room air pollutants are pulled through the CleanZone SL’s 99% efficient HyperHEPA filter four times an hour and reduced significantly.

Energy efficient

While the CleanZone SL is one of the most effective air cleaning systems ever designed, it requires less than half the power of much smaller consumer air purifiers. At 75 watts of electricity on its highest setting, the CleanZone SL uses about the same as a conventional light bulb, due to an ultra-efficient fan and a very large filter surface area to allow air to pass with ease through the dense filter.

CleanZone Infinity: Inspired by nature’s infinite beauty

We set out to create a cover that was not only quiet and powerful but also flawlessly adaptable into any space.

The result? A purifier casing with a recursive visual language inspired by nature –116 vertical fins convey the boundless cascade of a waterfall down a mountain ridge, recalling the infinite motion of water.

CleanZone SL Hallway

Preserves precious floor space

With simple mounting hardware, the CleanZone SL can be mounted either horizontally or vertically, either high up on a wall or closer to the floor. As a result, airflow from the CleanZone SL Series can be directed where it's needed, without creating drafts or air disturbances that detract from its unobtrusive operation.

CleanZone series

Swiss quality

Swiss Made is more than just a label of origin:

the CleanZone SL Series has not only been Swiss designed and engineered, it is also manufactured in Switzerland,exemplifying our commitment not only to what we make, but how we make it. Using the highest quality components and a team of dedicated craftsmen and women with manufacturing processes refined over 50 years, IQAir builds the finest air purifiers in the world.