Microbiological Management

Airborne viruses, bacteria and other microbes can be controlled with the Cleanroom H13.

Ultrafine particles are the most dangerous

IQAir filtration is proven effective against ultrafine particles, the smallest and most dangerous airborne particles of all.

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Ultrafine particles are smaller than 0.1 microns. By sheer number, about 90% of all airborne particles are this size. The primary source of ultrafine particles is combustion from motor vehicles, refineries, industrial plants and even cooking. Viruses are also ultrafine particles. The small size of ultrafine particles enables them to be easily inhaled, deposited into the lungs and absorbed into the blood. They have been linked to heart attacks, strokes, asthma and even cancer.

Manufacturers of ordinary air filtration systems claim only that their systems filter particles larger than 0.3 microns. IQAir is different. IQAir’s HyperHEPA filtration is proven and certified to filter up to 99.5% of all particles down to 0.003 microns – the smallest particles that exist. Independent testing by laboratories and government agencies verifies the effectiveness of IQAir technology against ultrafine particles. When it comes to protection against ultrafine particulates, IQAir is the proven choice.

HyperHEPA superiority

The Cleanroom H13 features the most effective air cleaning technology available for cleanrooms and other critical environments.

The Cleanroom H13 is designed to give cleanrooms and other critical environments a steady supply of virtually particle-free air. IQAir’s HyperHEPA® system is recognized as the most efficient air filtration technology ever designed. And the Cleanroom H13 offers more HyperHEPA filtration media than any other IQAir compact stand-alone system, assuring the cleanest air possible, with the largest quantity of the best filtration media available.

Antimicrobial filters kill on contact

Cleanroom H13 filters are designed for critical environments, reducing microbial colonization and preserving filter integrity.

When the cleanest air possible is required for medical and laboratory applications, every incremental gain in air quality is significant. In addition to IQAir’s unequaled HyperHEPA® filtration technology, both the PreMax pre-filter and the HyperHEPA H13 particle filter in the Cleanroom H13 feature antimicrobial media. These antimicrobial filters reduce microbial colonization and help preserve the integrity of the filtration media.

Maximum particle filtration

The Cleanroom H13 provides maximum control of airborne particulates. Designed for cleanrooms, labs, and other environments up to Class 100.

The Cleanroom H13 is designed for cleanrooms, labs and other environments up to Class 100. Air is drawn in at the bottom of the system and into the powerful antimicrobial high-accumulation, high-capacity PreMax pre-filter. This is an industrial ASHRAE class-F8 micro-pleat filter with 75 square feet (7.0 m2) of surface area. More than 55% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger are filtered at this point. The New Edition fan powerfully draws air through the pre-filter and into the IQAir HyperHEPA antimicrobial hospital-grade filter.

The HyperHEPA filter also features a full 75 square feet (5.5 m2) of surface area, certified and proven to filter 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns and larger and 99.5% of all particles down to 0.003 microns in diameter. These are the smallest particles that exist. Bacteria, viruses, combustion particles and virtually any other particles in the air are efficiently and effectively removed by the Cleanroom H13.

Certified at the factory

Each and every Cleanroom H13 system is tested at the factory to ensure that it meets our strict specifications before it’s shipped..

IQAir individually tests each and every Cleanroom H13 air purifier at the factory to ensure that the performance of each system meets published specifications. Electronic laser particle counters sample the air at the air purifier outlet to verify that the system is performing to efficiency standards in reality, not just theory. If the system is not performing as stated, it is not shipped. The results of each test are detailed in a hand-signed Certificate of Performance, which is shipped from the factory in the box with every Cleanroom H13 system.

Swiss quality

Swiss Made is more than just a label of origin. It’s a sign of outstanding quality, uniqueness, superior design, innovation, precision and reliability.

In an industry in which most air cleaners don't meet manufacturers' claims, IQAir tests and certifies each and every IQAir air purification system. All manufacturing is done in IQAir’s own state-of-the-art Swiss production facility on the pristine shores of the Lake of Constance. By using the highest quality components, a dedicated team of highly skilled and extensively trained craftsmen and women, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes refined over 50 years, IQAir is able to build the finest air purifiers in the world.

100% Healthy technology

IQAir’s HyperHEPA filtration features only safe, healthy air-cleaning technology to filter pollutants from the air, without producing ozone or ions.

IQAir’s HyperHEPA filtration technology is the safest, healthiest, and most effective way to clean the air. The Cleanroom H13 particle filters work together to remove more than 99.97% of all airborne particles (0.3 microns and larger) without using unsafe or unproven technologies such as ozone generation, ionization, or ultraviolet radiation. Why risk safety and efficacy on air cleaner gimmicks when IQAir's unique design offers proven protection without harmful byproducts?

Energy efficient

The advanced IQAir Cleanroom H13 air purifier is so efficient that it needs no more electricity than a light bulb.

Even though IQAir Cleanroom H13 air purifiers offer maximum-level filtration, they cost very little to operate. In fact, the Cleanroom H13 consumes no more power than a conventional light bulb. At the very heart of this air purifier is the ultra-efficient, centrifugal, high performance IQAir New Edition fan and its maintenance-free motor. This mechanical powerhouse delivers up to 780 cubic feet of air per minute (without filters) while requiring as few as 27 watts of power at the lowest speed and up to a maximum of 215 watts at the highest speed. As a result, it costs very little to run the most advanced and effective cleanroom air purifier in the world.

History of IQAir

50+ years of innovation.

See IQAir’s path from humble beginnings to the world leader of clean air technology.