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Most polluted air quality stations

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1 Magazin Buka


2 Banja Luka Station


3 Karadordeva


4 Cokori Banja Luka


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Once the air pollution map for Banja Luka is opened, how much information about air quality does it contain?

There is a wealth of information about air quality on the air pollution map for Banja Luka and it is accessible from the main city page. The air pollution map icon acts as a link which, when selected, will open a new page filled with all the up-to-date facts and figures about air pollution in the area.

When the page first opens a solid-coloured background to the map will be seen which is a strong visualisation of the current state of the air. All the colours used are standard across the entire IQAir website and range from pale green to dark purple. As the air quality worsens so the colours get darker. Their meaning is explained in the legend at the bottom of the screen.

Many coloured discs can be seen scattered across the air pollution map for Banja Luka which represent the locations of the ground-level air monitoring stations both in and around the city. If they are overlapping each other, the map can be expanded so they will begin to separate. They carry the same colour as their level of air pollution and also display a number at their centre. This is the United States Air Quality Index reading or US AQI for short. It is calculated by measuring the levels of up to six of the most commonly found pollutants in the city air. These are usually both sizes of Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10), ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Once this figure has been established it is used as a metric when comparing air quality in different regions across the globe. Its use is endorsed by the World Health Organisation (WHO). All of the stations contain a full range of information for that specific area and it can be accessed by clicking on the desired station. This can be very useful when travelling or just to satisfy curiosity.

The coloured banner across the top of the main city page takes on the colour of the appropriate level of pollution as a visual indication. It also displays the latest US AQI reading which is currently 86 and therefore classified as being “Moderate”. The main pollutant was found to be PM2.5 with a recorded level of 28.8 µg/m³ (microns per cubic metre) which is almost six times higher than the target figure of 5 µg/m³ as recommended by the WHO.

Looking below the air pollution map for Banja Luka is shown the number of contributors there are that collect and collate all the data about air quality. In April 2023, there were three contributors who operated three stations and they all wished to remain anonymous.

Can much more information about air quality be gleaned from the air pollution map for Banja Luka?

There is much more information about air quality on the air pollution map for Banja Luka and can be found by selecting the full-screen icon at the top of the opening page. This will re-open the page at a maximum size to allow all the statistics to be easily seen.

Four options will be seen on the left-hand side of the page which can each be examined individually to get a better idea of the effects they have on the map.

The first choice shows the sites of the ground-level air monitoring stations, both in and around the city. All of these stations contain a wealth of information about air quality in that location and selecting the appropriate one will open a new page containing it all.

The second option shows the positions of any wildfires there are that are burning out of control in the vicinity, At the time of writing in April 2023, there were no reports of any significant fires. If fires are reported, option four needs to be studied because it shows the speed and direction of the prevailing winds and will give an insight of where the ensuing smoke may drift.

Option number three can change the background colour of the map to show the current state of the air. If the air quality is poor, it will be a dark colour. This might be distracting, in which case, it can be deactivated to allow the natural set of colours to appear on the map.

There are even more facts and figures about air pollution on the right-hand side of the screen. This information is presented as a table which ranks the top seven most polluted cities in the world. The possibility to see the rest of the participating world cities can be found in the full-ranking section where several pages contain this new data and lists them in descending order.

Directly below the contributors’ section on the air pollution map for Banja Luka are listed the areas suffering from the highest levels of poor air quality. Currently, the station at Karadordeva is the dirtiest with a US AQI reading of 85.

The next section shows which station is the most popular with the highest number of followers. Karadordeva currently holds this honour with over 850 regular followers.

Can the source of the polluted air be traced on the air quality map for Banja Luka?

Whilst the source of air pollution is not directly obvious on the air pollution map for Banja Luka, it is thought that the biggest source of air pollution is the increased number of cars, as well as domestic fireplaces in private buildings. The combination of these two negative factors already indicates that pollution is present, and it is precisely the smog that literally envelops the city during the winter period, leading many residents to suspect that something is wrong with the air quality.

Why are PM2.5 and PM10 particles so dangerous to human health?

These are very small particles, the designation PM10 and PM2.5 means that we are talking about particles with a size of 10 and 2.5 micrometres. They are very small and light, fine particles tend to stay longer in the air than heavier particles, and the concentration of PM2.5 during 24 hours is considered unhealthy if the value is over 35.4 microns per cubic metre.

Because of their small size, particles smaller than 2.5 micrometres are able to pass through the nose and throat, and can penetrate deep into the lungs and can even enter the bloodstream via the alveoli. Research has shown a close link between exposure to fine particles and premature death from cardiovascular or pulmonary disease. Fine particles are also known for their ability to cause or worsen chronic diseases such as asthma, heart attacks, bronchitis and other respiratory problems.

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