Real-time air pollution exposure

27339 Air quality stations

Includes regulatory-grade and sub-regulatory grade monitoring stations operated by governments, educational facilities, researchers, non-profit organizations, corporations and individuals.

Exposure distribution by age group

Real-time comparison of age group exposure to WHO annual PM2.5 guideline and interim targets.

Exposure distribution by pollution level

Data: estimated every hour, using real-time data

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Meets annual WHO guideline
Exceeds by 1 to 2 timesInterim target 4
Exceeds by 2 to 3 timesInterim target 3
Exceeds by 3 to 5 timesInterim target 2
Exceeds by 5 to 7 timesInterim target 1
Exceeds by 7 to 10 timesExceeds target levels
Exceeds by over 10 timesExceeds target levels
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