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Most polluted air quality stations

#stationUS AQI
1 Nong Prajak Public Park, Udon Thani


2 Udon Thani International School


3 Sansiri - The Base Height Udonthani


4 ICS Udon Thani


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What do air quality maps tell us about the pollution levels in Udon Thani?

Air quality maps in Udon Thani and throughout Thailand can give users a constant update on the levels of air pollution through the various parts of the city. As can be seen on the map on this page, each individual spot that has an accompanying US AQI figure (which will be explained in more detail later in the article) is indicating how clean the air is in that area, with the surrounding vicinity included. Due to there being many air quality monitoring stations throughout Udon Thani (and many more cropping up throughout Thailand and indeed the rest of the world as people become more conscientious about the air they are breathing, particularly following in the wake of the global Covid crisis), all of these individual spots with their US AQI readings present on the air quality map for Udon Thani paint a rather clear picture as to what the current air pollution levels are like. When the city, as an example, is experiencing some form of pollution elevations due to a number of different reasons (excessive amounts of traffic, industrial pollutants in the air combined with meteorological conditions such as lack of wind or rain that lead to pollution accumulating more rapidly), the areas on the air quality maps will show heightened readings of US AQI as a result.

For users, this can be vital for ensuring that they have a clearer picture of which parts of the city are the most polluted, and at what times of the year, or on a smaller scale even at what time of the day. With this information at hand (and is subject to constant updates from the data feeds linked to the air pollution maps in Udon Thani), referring to the air quality maps can give individuals (both citizens as well as those who are traveling through Udon Thani) much more insight into which areas of the city have the worst levels of pollution, and can tell you exactly how high these pollution levels are. With this in mind, appropriate actions can be taken. As for these appropriate measures, when US AQI levels start to rise on the air quality maps, users may want to stay clear of such areas, if possible, as well as wearing fine particle filtering masks when entering areas of the city that show higher levels of pollution on the air quality map.

Can air quality maps keep you safe from certain health issues in Udon Thani?

When referring to the pollution levels that are shown on the air quality maps in Udon Thani, many individuals may be able to lessen the severity of any health problems that they have, as well as be effective in preventing them outright due to the informed decisions that air quality maps can aid in.

Some brief but important examples of more potent health issues that can be avoided in Udon Thani by utilizing the information provided by air quality maps include respiratory tract infections, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart attacks, skin problems, strokes and many others that can cause the premature death rate to go up, indicating just how necessary it is for individuals to avoid pollution exposure in Udon Thani. This can be achieved by utilizing the air quality map above, along with using the AirVisual app or referring to the city pages.

When are air quality maps at their most useful in Udon Thani?

Air quality maps in Udon Thani will be valuable for users throughout the entire course of the year, particularly for those that suffer from some of the health issues that have been mentioned above. As well as those that have pre-existing health conditions, other groups within Udon Thani are more at-risk from health issues, and can also benefit more significantly from the information provided by air quality maps, with certain times of the year having more importance assigned to them due to polluting factors that affect the country.

Groups that will benefit more directly from using air quality maps (particularly during the more polluted times of the year) include babies and young children, along with the elderly, and expecting mothers. As such, families with young children as well as older members can all use air pollution maps to navigate the city in a safer and more informed manner, particularly as the number of air quality monitoring stations in and around Udon Thani increases. In regards to the times of the year when air quality maps may become of even more use, the air cleanliness levels tend to dip a lot during the burning seasons, which can happen throughout the entire country, despite northern regions being more severely affected. Slash and burn farming season tends to start towards the end of the year (around August or September), and can continue on until the first three or four months of the following year, with these early months sometimes having the highest levels of air pollution present. As such, using the air quality maps towards the latter part of the year in Udon Thani as well as the earlier months of the year can prove to be particularly useful.

How do air quality maps gather pollution data in Udon Thani?

As was touched on briefly in the first question of the article, air quality maps in Udon Thani rely on the numerous air quality monitoring stations throughout the city, as well as areas just outside the city venturing off even into more rural areas. Wherever there are air quality monitoring stations present, the information that they gather can be linked with the air quality map (as well as the relevant city page for Udon Thani) and thus a new ring will appear on the air pollution map that shows the US AQI levels at any given time throughout the day.

These monitoring stations that detect different pollutants in the air (with the various concentrations being shown on the city pages, and just the US AQI levels being shown on the air quality map page) can and have been placed there by government organizations, as well as other organizations that have a vested interest in gathering air quality data for Udon Thani. Furthermore, individuals can also add to the amount of data available for the air quality maps. Air quality monitors can be set up and properly configured so that the pollution data they receive is sent to the air quality map and city page for Udon Thani. These individual bits of data are all properly calibrated in order to give the most accurate reading possible, particularly for yearly averages that are shown in the charts on the IQAir website that display the pollution levels for any given city from years past.

In closing, all of these monitors provide the data needed for the air quality maps in Udon Thani, giving users a much clearer insight into the pollution levels across various areas of the city.

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