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Atem Series

  • What is the Personal Breathing Zone? How big is the Personal Breathing Zone?

    Everyone has their own personal breathing zone. This is the air space that surrounds the head and which you inhale when you are breathing. When stationary, e.g. at a desk, the personal breathing zone consists of only about a cubic foot of air.

  • How far away should I be from the Atem? What's the farthest I can be?

    Optimal purification distance is 20 inches.

  • What pollutants does it remove from my environment?

    The Atem is designed to clean enough air to help a person breathe cleaner air when in a stationary position. The Atem removes a high percentage of solid and liquid air pollutants from the air that pulled into the air purifier. The Atem is not designed to clean the air in an entire room, but only in a person's personal space. The Atem also has 2 filters available

    1. HyperHEPA designed to remove PM2.5, TVOC, Bacteria, Viruses and other ultra fine particles

    2. HyperHEPA Plus designed to remove all of the above plus chemicals such as benzene and formaldehyde

  • How much space can the Atem clean?

    The Atem has been designed to clean the personal breathing zone of a user – not an entire room. If the Atem is desired to be used to clean an entire space, it should be put on the highest possible fan speed, which can be selected from the app. On this fan speed, the Atem can clean up to 60 m3/h, which would clean the air in a 3x4x2.5 m (30 m3) room twice per hour. It should be noted that this function is only recommended if no other room air purifier is available (e.g. hotel room).

  • How do I change the fan speed on the Atem, and how can I tell what speed it's currently on?

    To change fan speed, use two fingers to touch the front center. With every touch, you will hear a sound and see the light change. The size of the light corresponds to the air speed.

    Small red light and chime= standby
    Small blue light and sound = low speed
    Medium blue light and sound = medium speed
    Full blue light and sound = high speed (Cooling Mode)
    A double red flash with sound = change filter


  • How do I know when I need to replace the Atem HyperHEPA Filter?

    The Atem will indicate a necessary filter change with a double red flash with double chime when the unit turns on or the fan speed is changed. This replaces that blue light that appears when the fan speed is changed to fan speed 1, 2 or 3 and the red light on standby.

  • When does the filter light turn red? When filter has expired, 5%, 10%?

    The Atem App will give a active notice through the App interface when the filter life only has 5% capacity left. This will give plenty of time to order a replacement filter. The App and the purifier will notify the user when the filter life is expired.

  • How long does the filter last?

    The typical filter life is 12 months based on an average daily use of 8 hours per day on the default fan speeds 1 and 2. On the default fan speed 3, the typical filter life will be 11 months. The filter life is calculated based on the dust holding capacity of the filter and a filter hygiene limit of 3000 hours of filter service life. If the highest customized fan speed is selected, a filter life of 6 months result. All filter life calculations are estimates and actual filter life may vary.

  • What is the HyperHEPA filter made out of?

    The Atem HyperHEPA filter is made from a combination of synthetic and inorganic fibers, designed to remove a maximum of airborne particulates of all particle sizes.

  • What (how long) is the warranty period of the Atem?

    The warranty period can be extended to three years (must register within 30 days of purchase) and does not include consumables, such as filters. It also does not damage caused by external impact or mishandling.

  • What parts are covered by warranty?

    Every part except the filter, unless the filter is supplied with an obvious defect.

  • How many speeds settings those the Atem have?

    3 speeds; speeds can be adjusted through the app.

  • How does the Atem compare to the HealthPro series room systems?

    The basic difference is that the Atem is a personal air purifier designed to clean the air instantly in the personal breathing zone of a person, while HealthPro air purifiers are room air purifiers designed to clean the air in an entire room. The ability of a room air purifier to deliver clean air to a user depends fan speed and on room size, while the ability of the Atem to clean the air of a user only depends on Atem being placed within reach of the personal breathing zone.