About IQAir


The air we breathe profoundly impacts us.

Our mission

Every year, 7 million people die from air pollution, and billions suffer unnecessarily from the effects of poor air quality. 

Yet many of us don't have access to timely air quality information, and often times, air pollution goes unnoticed.

IQAir is working to change this. Today, we operate the world's largest free real-time air quality information platform and engage an ever-growing number of global citizens, organizations, and governments.

Our partners

We collaborate with like-minded organizations in the fight against air pollution. As a technology partner of the United Nations Environmental Program, UN Habitat, and Greenpeace, we strive to empower change and contribute to a sustainable path to better air.

Our technology solutions

As an air quality technology company, we are passionate about not only creating awareness but also providing practical solutions that help create living and working environments that are safe, healthy, and enjoyable.

We’re in this together

With the support of environmental agencies and private enterprise, we help schools to protect children from air toxins. Our work in the medical field helps protect patients and medical staff from infectious disease. Families around the world breathe healthier air with our home air purification solutions.

We believe that information, collaboration, and technology solutions help create the perfect storm for better air, a better planet, and better lives.