IQAir Writer Matt Vecere In Devastating Plane Crash

We lost our friend and colleague on ET 302.

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President Frank Hammes with superimposed Financial Times logo
President Frank Hammes with superimposed Financial Times logo

IQAir featured as top air quality company by Financial Times

“Employees are becoming more demanding because they’ve been spending so much of their lives in the office, maybe more than with their families.” - IQAir President Frank Hammes

How to know when it’s more than just a stuffy nose

Is it hay fever, allergic rhinitis, or just a stuffy nose?

2018 World Air Quality Report

Region & City PM2.5 Ranking

A revolution in air purification: the Atem

The world’s most effective personal air purifier


History of IQAir

50+ years of innovation

See IQAir’s path from humble beginnings to the world leader of clean air technology.

Pursuing excellence for more than 50 years

Since 1963, IQAir has maintained its leadership in the industry it started. No other company comes close to IQAir in Indoor Air Quality innovation and expertise.