Attract new and repeat customers with exceptional care to clean air

Key differentiator

In today’s competitive market for accommodation, food and beverage, safe air quality is a frequently unmet demand distinguishing luxury hospitality services. It is quickly becoming a must-have for the industry’s future.

Ultimate comfort

Poor air quality can significantly impact comfort, sleep and feelings of relaxation. Allow guests the most enjoyable experience and rest assured knowing that indoor spaces are a safe haven from outdoor conditions, wherever they stay with you.

Value-added service

Clean air is a service worth paying for. Guests are usually willing to pay 10% more for healthy air.

Air quality monitor AirVisual Pro

Ensure guests are safe and comfortable

Track key air quality parameters that most affect comfort and health, with the AirVisual Pro air monitor.

  • Air quality index (AQI)
  • PM2.5
  • CO2
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Indoor & Outdoor comparison
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Air quality data displayed on a screen

Attract new customers and build brand loyalty

Display exemplary indoor air, as compared to outdoors, on the company website and in-house TV monitors. Use AirVisual’s #1 pollution app to market your clean air advantage to the largest community of air quality enthusiasts.

Computer and smartphone screens displaying air quality monitoring solution

Manage your air effectively

Streamline air quality management to ensure consistency throughout your venues, by controlling all monitors remotely through the centralized Enterprise web dashboard. View readings in real-time, discover historical trends and receive alerts to tackle pollution spikes immediately, safeguarding your customer's experience.

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Air filtration system for automate air

Automate air purification systems

Integrate readings from the network of AirVisual Pro devices to optimize HVAC and purification systems, with predefined conditional statements and actions.

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AirVisual Enterprise has features to meet all your air quality requirements

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