Clean air is essential in caring for relocated nationals

Well-being & satisfaction

Poor indoor air quality affects productivity, lowers morale and results in sicknesses and absences.

Recruitment & retention

Concerns for air pollution can impact diplomatic staff's willingness to relocate. Demonstrating clean indoor air contributes to staff peace of mind and satisfaction.

Government safety policies

Manual air quality measurements required to ensure government safety standards are met, can be time consuming and is an inefficient use of staffers time.

Air quality monitor AirVisual Pro

Achieve LEED and WELL building certifications

  • Air quality index (AQI)
  • PM2.5
  • CO2
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Indoor & Outdoor comparison
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Showcase clean air

Transparent air quality readings provided on building TV monitors, Embassy webpages, and the AirVisual app, reassure relocating staff and increase the appeal of foreign offices.

Chart and air pollution certifications Well AP and LEED

Assess current system and guide improvements

Download historical data and air quality reports to check the efficiency of current HVAC or filtration systems, and identify problem areas that can be improved. Use these to guide improvements and support budget requests.

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Overview of the air quality monitoring solution

Simplify air quality management

Manage air quality and safety protocol easily, with AirVisual's centralized dashboard displaying PM2.5, CO2, temperature and humidity in one place. Respond quickly to changes in air quality using the system's alert system, and real-time data display.

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AirVisual Enterprise has features to meet all your air quality requirements

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