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You waive your right to receive a copy of any verification statement received by IQAir in respect of any financing statement registered on the Personal Property Securities Register.

PRIVACY ACT 1993 ("Act") In order to process your credit application, assess your creditworthiness, administer and manage your credit amount, if approved, and provide you with information in relation to related products and services, IQAir North America, Inc. requires you to provide certain personal information which it will hold. If this information is not provided, or incorrect information is provided, IQAir may refuse your application for credit. You have rights under Act, to access the personal information held by IQAir about you and request correction of that information. You authorize IQAir to contact any credit agency and any other source whatsoever (each a "Source") to obtain, disclose, check and exchange (both now and in the future) information in connection with the application and any agreement(s) which you may enter into with IQAir. By signing this application you authorize each Source to provide to IQAir any information about you which IQAir considers appropriate for the above purposes. IQAir may also disclose information about your (including details of any defaults in your obligations) to any guarantor, government agency, credit agency, debt collection agency, Authorized IQAir Dealer, related entity of IQAir, insurance arranger or underwriter and organization to whom we outsource any of our operations, for the above purposes. These organizations may be located outside the USA. You declare that the information given is true and correct. You are not insolvent, an undisclosed bankrupt(s) and there are no judgments against you. You also declare that you are unaware of anything that may adversely affect your ability to fulfill your obligations under the proposed credit agreement with IQAir.

All IQAir website terms and conditions apply to purchase. All pricing on the IQAir website is valid for the contiguous United States only (excludes Alaska, Hawaii and all off-shore US Territories).

If you provide IQAir your credit card, you authorize IQAir to automatically charge your credit card for charges that apply to your account. You are required to provide valid billing information for your account and maintain it with up to date information, including credit card details, billing address, email address and telephone number. Payments must be made by credit card. U.S. Dollars only.

Upon credit approval, your product will be immediately sent to you and your credit card will be automatically billed for the initial deposit amount. Your credit card will be automatically charged on the 15th of the month for each monthly installment payment due thereafter. Additional fees apply: $30 service charge for all payments that cannot be processed due to non-sufficient funds (NSF) or account changes for which IQAir North America, Inc. is not notified in advance, plus a 1.5% monthly service charge on all late accounts.

If you default in complying with any term of this Agreement, including failing to make any minimum payment by the payment due date, we may, without notice to you, cancel the promotional offer in which you are participating effective on the date that such default occurred. On that date these terms will end and the total account balance will become due and payable.

We reserve the right to limit quantities available for sale or sold.

Terms, conditions, features, pricing, service and support options are subject to change without notice.

Should you have any questions in the meantime, please contact us or call 1-877-400-1050

Program intended for U.S. residents only. Taxes are extra and may vary. IQAir will assess creditworthiness and determine program eligibility based on information provided in the credit application.