AirVisual Pro FAQs

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AirVisual Pro

  • How do I connect to my AirVisual Pro to my account?

    There are two ways to connect to your AirVisual Pro:
    AirVisual App: Tap the "+" button in the top left corner of the app home screen page > "Add a Pro" > Follow the on-screen instructions. Select "Sign in" on the menu bar > Login with your email address and password > Click on your name, then "Add a Pro" > Follow the on-screen instructions.

  • How can I connect AirVisual Pro to Wi-Fi?

    The AirVisual Pro gives you the option to connect to Wi-Fi using either the device or the mobile application (handy if you have private/hidden networks or long Wi-Fi passwords).
    1) To connect the device to Wi-Fi, click "OK" > navigate to "Network" > "Wi-Fi", then your desired network. Click "OK" to prompt the password screen.

    2) To connect to Wi-Fi using the AirVisual app, tap the "+" icon in the top left corner of the home screen. Select "Configure my Pro’s Wi-Fi" and follow the on-screen instructions.

  • What smart home devices are compatible with AirVisual Pro?

    The list of devices compatible with the AirVisual Pro’s IFTTT functions is growing constantly. Compatibility is contingent on two main factors: (1) whether the device’s manufacturer is registered with IFTTT, allowing applets to be created, and (2) whether the device has functionality compatible with smart AirVisual Pro functions. While we can’t maintain a comprehensive list of all compatible devices and software, you can browse the IFTTT site for thorough listings of all devices and software that have been registered with IFTTT and experiment with various conditional actions. In many cases, the only limit is your imagination!

  • What exactly is IFTTT?

    IFTTT (pronounced “ift”) stands for If This, Then That, an automation service that lets you connect devices and services so that a “trigger” causes an “action” to happen. Essentially, IFTTT allows you to use or program short chains of simple commands known as applets that enable your AirVisual to use air quality data to trigger actions. For example, you can have your device connect to your home’s smart thermostat and turn on your air conditioning whenever the device reads an Air Quality Index (AQI) or 50 or higher.

  • What are the benefits of IFTTT functionality?

    IFTTT allows your AirVisual Pro to fully automate certain household functions or data recording actions. Having your device turn on your HVAC system whenever the air quality reaches a certain threshold can help keep your indoor air clean and safe to breathe without having to the run the system constantly, saving you electricity while also reducing your carbon footprint. Automated HVAC actions can also save you money on home repairs and health costs associated with pollen, mold, and other asthma/allergy triggers that can be reduced by having your device respond to changes in humidity levels. IFTTT also allows you to easily record long periods of historical air quality data, which can be important if you’re concerned about your local air quality and want to share data with local legislators or organizations who may be able to help improve air quality, or if you want proof of poor air quality to help hold local polluters accountable.

  • How do I access IFTTT?

    Access the desktop version at, or download the IFTTT mobile app for iOS or Android.

  • How do I connect my AirVisual Pro to IFTTT?

    First, you’ll need to set up an IFTTT user account. To do this, you can either use your existing Gmail or Facebook account to register, or sign up for a new account using your email address and password. Then, you’ll need to connect your device to WiFi in order to sync with your IFTTT account. Lastly, you’ll need a share code from your AirVisual Pro so that the device can trigger the action when the chosen threshold is reached.

  • How does the IQAir AirVisual Pro forecast future air quality?

    AirVisual applies artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing to map complex, nonlinear air pollution trends accurately and efficiently. The method employs deep machine learning - a process of simplifying data by learning multiple levels of representations and abstractions.

  • What type of information does the AirVisual Pro display?

    Air quality measurements, temperature, humidity, and indoor and outdoor values.

  • What is the battery life of the AirVisual Pro? What type of battery does it use?

    Approx. 3.5 Hours (in continuous mode)

    1900 mAh Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery

  • What size is the screen of the AirVisual Pro?

    5” diagonal. (Approx. 105 mm x 65 mm)

  • Can the AirVisual Pro be used outdoors?

    Yes. Keep in mind that the IQAir AirVisual Pro is not weatherproof and should be placed in a suitable enclosure.

  • How can I download my AirVisual Pro's historical data?

    Your AirVisual Pro’s complete air quality history data is available for download to use as you wish for further insight.

    To access the data, make sure your AirVisual Pro is connected to your Wi-Fi network (the same network as your computer) > click "OK" to go to the "Settings menu" > navigate to "Network" > "Access Pro data"

    For more information and support, visit and read the article “Download the Pro’s data using Samba

  • What area of coverage is the AirVisual Pro reading valid for?

    The AirVisual Pro covers a room or open space up to 1,076 square feet (100 m2).

  • Why does my AirVisual Pro show a different measurement than an official outdoor station?

    When placing your AirVisual Pro outdoors, it is possible that your Pro will show a different value than the nearest outdoor official government station.

    There are several reasons that this can happen:

    1. The air quality may vary greatly even within a few miles/km.
    2. The official government stations usually report measurement as an average of the past hour. In practice, this means the official government data reported might already be 1 to 2 hours old.
    3. By the time the data is published, some government data may already outdated by a few hours. The Pro has the advantage of showing real-time data.
    4. The government station doesn't actually report PM2.5. In this case, the Pro would display a note below the outdoor data: "Main pollutant is xyz."
    5. The Pro or the government station may actually show an inaccurate measurement. Government stations require frequent and expensive maintenance, which is not always performed in time.
  • What size level does AirVisual Pro read?

    AirVisual Pro reads particles from 0.3 microns (µm) to 10 microns (µm).

  • Will AirVisual Pro send notifications of poor Indoor Air Quality to my smart phone?

    Yes. Two notification types can be set:

    1. Warning: A warning can be sent when a threshold is exceeded.
    2. All Clear: A notification can also be sent to inform you that pollution levels are again below the threshold.