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  • Explanation of Filter Life LEDs (lights on the control panel)

    Whenever the system is on, the color of the filter life LEDs (light emitting diodes) indicates the state of the individual filters in the system. The positions of the filter life LEDs on the control panel correspond to the actual positions of the filters within the system.

    The filter life LEDs signal four possible stages in the life of the filter:

    1. Green: The filter is still within 80% of its estimated life span.
    2. Orange: The filter is approaching the last 20% of its estimated life span.
    3. Red: The filter has reached the end of its estimated life span.
    4. Red blinking: The filter has passed its estimated life span and should be replaced immediately.

      The IQAir system’s effectiveness is likely to have been reduced dramatically, either due to a reduction in airflow (particle filters are clogged) or a reduction in filter efficiency (gas phase filter is saturated).

    The fan speed LEDs simulate the fan speed through the frequency of their rotation. The faster the rotation of the fan speed LEDs, the faster the actual fan speed of the system.

  • What does the red light mean on my control panel? (Resetting filter life)

    When a red light (LED) appears on the control panel, it’s time to replace your filter. It indicates that the filter has passed its estimated life span. In order to properly track the life of your filters, it's important to reset the Filter Life Monitor with each filter replacement. After reset, the red LED will be change to green.

    Please refer to the GC™ Series User Manual instructions, chapter 4.4.8, Filter Life Reset (New Filter) Download Here

  • Ordering replacement casters (wheels)

    For GC™ Series Systems, please refer to the GC™ Series User Manual, chapter 6, Replacing Filters. Download Here

  • Instructions for installing the PF40™ Kit

    Quick to install, the PF40™ Kit consists of an upper grille which is fitted into the IQAir system’s base. Use the 8 screws to secure it to the bottom of the base. A synthetic coarse dust filter pad is held in place by a lower grille that is secured by four clips. The filter pad has a rough, cottony side and a smooth side. Place the filter on top of the filter grille with the rough, cottony side facing outward. When properly installed the rough, cottony side will be facing the floor when the system is in its upright position.

    Click on the link below for instructions how to install the PF40™ Kit. Instructions are also included inside the box which of each PF40™ kit.

    PF40™ Installation Instructions

  • When do I replace the filter pad in my PF40™?

    The PF40™ filter pads should be visibly checked for cleaning and replacement. There is no LED indicator light for the PF40™ on your room air cleaner. Initially, it is recommended to check the pads once every two to four weeks to check for loading. After loading has been determined, this frequency may be reduced accordingly.

  • How often should I run my system and at what speed?

    Depending on the level of air cleaning desired, the IQAir system can be operated as frequently as needed. For general air cleaning purposes, the system should filter the room air volume at least twice every hour on the set fan speed in order to achieve a significant air quality improvement. If the intensity of the pollution source is high or a high degree of purification is needed, more air changes may become necessary. More air changes may be achieved by selecting a higher fan speed and/or by running the room air cleaner more frequently. In order to achieve the desired number of air changes, more than one room air cleaner may be required, or an IQAir whole-house filtration system should be considered.

    It is the customer's discretion as to how often they actually operate their IQAir system. All IQAir room air cleaners can be run 24 hours a day, if needed, without harm to the system.

    Generally, when running the system at speed 6 it will take about 15 minutes to clear 50% of the particles in a 900 square-foot room. A smaller room at the same fan speed would achieve results more quickly. Keep in mind that fan speed and room measurements can affect the length of time to achieve results.

    For more information, please refer to the GC™ Series User Manual, chapter 4.3, Fan Speed & Air Delivery.
    Use this calculator to determine the recommended minimum fan speed for your system.