Full-featured superiority

A new standard for stand-alone air purifiers

Two-stage modular design

Each CleanZone 5000 Series system is actually composed of two separate modules, providing superior yet flexible air cleaning solutions.

Most great ideas are simple, and the CleanZone 5000 Series modular design is a perfect example. By designing the system as two separate modules, IQAir’s engineering team was able to create a flexible and superior lineup of high-volume air purifiers to meet every need. Both models share the same powerful yet quiet fan, and the same high-efficiency pre-filter. But a variety of main filter module (the second module) configurations allows for specific filtration solutions for specialized commercial air quality problems.

Upflow, downflow

Airflow direction can be reversed in the CleanZone Series systems, providing additional flexibility to meet the needs of specific air quality challenges.

Each CleanZone 5000 Series model can be oriented to provide airflow from bottom up (“upflow”) or from top down (“downflow”). While upflow is more common, there are many good reasons to reorient a CleanZone 5000 Series to provide downflow. For example, a downflow orientation may be desirable for treating indoor pollution such as tobacco smoke that tends to rise. The CleanZone 5000 Series performs just as well in either direction.

Tamper-proof exterior

The CleanZone 5000 Series was designed to perform at its best in busy public areas, such as open plan offices, classrooms, and medical facilities.

 Unlike air purifiers for the home, the CleanZone 5000 Series is designed to be inherently tamper-proof. Access to filters, fan speed controls, and the power cable can all be limited and made available to authorized staff only.

Optional ducting

With the use of the optional IQAir FlexAir Duct Application, the CleanZone 5000 air purifier can be used to direct clean air to specific locations or to create clean air microenvironments.

Ducting also allows the creation of negative or positive pressurization. Ducted operation enables the CleanZone 5000 to distribute up to 40 meters of medical-grade clean air exactly where it’s needed, providing many of the advantages of an HVAC-based system while remaining completely mobile.

Pollution level adjustment

Pollution level adjustment controls are built into the Filter Life Monitor of the CleanZone 5000, providing a more accurate calculation of remaining filter life.

The Pollution Level menu allows modifications for large dust, chemicals, and fine dust. Adjustments can be made for tobacco smoke, the presence of gases and chemicals, and dusty environments.

Integrated control panel

The advanced control panel on every CleanZone 5000 Series air purifier uses optical sensors and other technologies to give you total control.

The digital control panel choose from 10 fans speed settings, monitor the remaining life of each filter, set the timer, and modify pollution level settings. The control panel can also be used to activate and manage password access.

100% Healthy technology

Many air purifiers use technology that produces potentially harmful byproducts, such as ozone, ions, chemicals, and ultrafine particles. IQAir doesn’t.

The CleanZone 5000 Series uses the safest, healthiest, and most effective way to clean the air: IQAir’s HyperHEPA and granular media technology. Unlike many other air cleaning systems, the CleanZone 5000 Series uses no unsafe, unproven, or unreliable technologies such as ozone generation, electronic air cleaning, ionization, or ultraviolet (UV) radiation. As a result, unlike many of its competitors, the CleanZone 5000 Series produces absolutely no ozone and releases no charged particles.

Total mobility

The CleanZone 5000 Series includes extra features that make it simple to move it to wherever medical-grade air quality is needed.

Despite its superior, high-volume airflow and air filtration capabilities, a CleanZone Series air purifier is easy to move around within a building. Sturdy casters on the bottom of the CleanZone 5000 and a handlebar allow it to be moved with ease. When desired, the system can be locked in location by activating the caster lock.