GCX™ Series


More performance, more protection.

The GCX offers greater coverage, longer filter life than the GC Series.

New Edition technology

GCX Series air purifiers feature IQAir New Edition technology that makes them more powerful than ever. This is the new generation of air purifiers.

New Edition systems deliver 12% more clean air, provide 38% longer filter life and 7% less sound across all fan speeds. At the heart of the New Edition systems is the IQAir New Edition fan, the most powerful fan ever used in a compact stand-alone air purifier. New pleating patterns and other technological advances in New Edition filters also contribute to increased airflow and longer filter life.

Four configurations

With four unique gas-phase cartridge configurations, the GCX Series meets the specific gas-phase filtration requirements of a variety of Indoor Air Quality challenges.

Currently there are four specialized gas-phase media configurations available:

  • GCX VOC 
(for control of volatile organic compounds, solvents, etc.)
  • GCX MultiGas 
(for control of wide range of gaseous organic and inorganic chemicals)
  • GCX ChemiSorber
 (for control of formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, etc.)
  • GCX AM
 (for control of ammonia and ammonia compounds)

The IQAir H11 HyperHEPA Pre-Filter is a critical feature of every GCX Series air purifier and provides medical-grade filtration of particles of all sizes in addition to the specific gas-phase filtration of each configuration.

Compare GCX to GC

Never before has this level of gaseous contaminant control been more versatile, powerful and compact than with the IQAir GCX Series.

Compared to the GC Series, the GCX Series features up to 110% more filtration media yet provides greater airflow and longer filter service life. With up to 32 pounds of specially formulated gas-phase filter media, the IQAir GCX Series offers the most powerful gas-phase air filtration systems in the IQAir compact stand-alone product lineup. The GCX Series also features advanced anti-tampering features that prevent the unauthorized access to filters or disconnection of the system in public areas.

Full-spectrum protection

IQAir GCX Series air purifiers are designed to clean the full spectrum of airborne pollutants with the very best filtration technology available at each stage of filtration.

Air is drawn into the GCX Series air purifier through the bottom of the system by a powerful New Edition IQAir fan. Then the air pulled into the system is sequentially cleaned in a step-by-step process that delivers clean, healthy air. IQAir's unique no-leakage design prevents air from escaping back into the room without being drawn first through the GCX Series filters. The multiple filtration stages include:

  • Micro- and nano-particle filtration: The first stage of filtration features a powerful H11 HyperHEPA pre-filter that eliminates micro- and nano-particles such as allergens, smoke, bacteria, and viruses.
  • Cartridge-based activated carbon adsorption (except ChemiSorber model): Eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are responsible for odors.
  • Cartridge-based chemisorption (MultiGas and ChemiSorber models): Destroys harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde, by an oxidation process inside chemically active alumina pellets.
  • Micro-charged filtration: Post-filter sleeves eliminate activated carbon and chemisorption abrasion particles through a charged fiber structure.

Finally, while most air cleaners return filtered air into the room through a small, noisy outlet that generates annoying drafts, the IQAir GCX Series features IQAir's unique EvenFlow Diffuser with 320-degree air delivery. Filtered air is quietly and evenly distributed in all directions.


Best media, superior filtration

The extraordinary performance of the IQAir GCX Series begins with the highest quality, exceptionally porous, activated carbon in its gas-phase filtration cartridges.

This is not the lower-cost, high-dust carbon from coconut shells that many air purifiers use. That's good news for anyone allergic to coconut. IQAir does not use zeolite, another less effective and less expensive filtration medium. The superior activated carbon media in the GCX Series is blended with chemisorbers that target volatile organic compounds in the air, including formaldehyde. The IQAir GCX Series also features pelletized aluminum oxide. The alumina pellets are impregnated with potassium permanganate, forming a powerful combination to filter a wide spectrum of gases, odors and chemicals.

Proven against ultrafine particles

HyperHEPA filtration in the GCX Series removes particles of all sizes, including ultrafine particles down to 0.003 microns. This goes far beyond what ordinary air cleaners are capable of.

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Ultrafine particles are smaller than 0.1 microns. By sheer number, about 90% of all airborne particles are this size. The primary source of ultrafine particles is combustion from motor vehicles, refineries, industrial plants and even cooking. Viruses are also ultrafine particles. The small size of ultrafine particles enables them to be easily inhaled, deposited into the lungs and absorbed into the blood. They have been linked to heart attacks, strokes, asthma and even cancer.

Manufacturers of ordinary air filtration systems claim only that their systems filter particles larger than 0.3 microns. IQAir is different. IQAir’s HyperHEPA filtration is proven and certified to filter up to 99.5% of all particles down to 0.003 microns – the smallest particles that exist. Independent testing by laboratories and government agencies verifies the effectiveness of IQAir technology against ultrafine particles. When it comes to protection against ultrafine particulates, IQAir is the proven choice.


History of IQAir

50+ years of innovation.

See IQAir’s path from humble beginnings to the world leader of clean air technology.

Certified performance

IQAir looks beyond theoretical claims, testing the performance of each individual GCX Series system at the factory to ensure that it meets our strict specifications.

IQAir individually tests each and every GCX Series air purifier at the factory to ensure that the performance of each system meets published specifications. Electronic laser particle counters sample the air at the air purifier outlet to verify that the system is performing to efficiency standards in reality, not just theory. If the system is not performing as stated, it is not shipped. The results of each test are detailed in a hand-signed Certificate of Performance, which is shipped from the factory in the box with every GCX Series system.

Anti-Tampering Kit

To protect your GCX from unauthorized access, each GCX Series air purifier includes two anti-tampering fixtures that help prevent any unauthorized alteration in use of the system.

First, an arm-locking fixture prevents unauthorized access to the system filters. Also, a power cable inlet fixture prevents unauthorized unplugging of the system. A simple flat-head screwdriver is the only extra tool needed to install both kits, since the GCX ships with a simple IQAir Tool Pack. Both anti-tampering fixtures can be installed in about a minute.

Energy Efficient

Even though IQAir GCX Series air purifiers offer maximum-level power, they cost very little to operate. In fact, the GCX Series air purifiers consume no more power than a conventional light bulb.

At the very heart of these air purifiers is the ultra-efficient centrifugal, high performance IQAir New Edition fan and its maintenance-free motor. This mechanical powerhouse delivers up to 780 cubic feet of air per minute (without filters) while requiring as little as 27 watts of power at the lowest speed and up to a maximum of 215 watts at the highest speed. As a result, it costs only pennies per day to run the most advanced and effective air purifiers in the world.

Swiss quality

Swiss Made is more than just a label of origin. It is a sign of outstanding quality, uniqueness, superior design, innovation, precision and reliability.

In an industry in which most air cleaners don't meet manufacturers' claims, IQAir tests and certifies each and every IQAir air purification system. All manufacturing is done in IQAir’s own state-of-the-art Swiss production facility on the pristine shores of the Lake of Constance. By using the highest quality components, a dedicated team of highly skilled and extensively trained craftsmen and women, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes refined over 50 years, IQAir is able to build the finest air purifiers in the world. That’s how serious we are about quality.

Easy filter replacement

All GCX Series air purifiers feature IQAir’s revolutionary modular tower design that snaps open to allow access to all of the system filters in a matter of seconds.

By simply releasing the locking arms and sliding the filters out of the frame, almost anyone in the office can replace any of the GCX Series filters in moments without special tools or complicated processes. Color-coded lights on the control panel also make it easy to know when each of the filters needs replacing.

100% Healthy technology

Many air purifiers use technology that produces potentially harmful byproducts, such as ozone, ions, chemicals and ultrafine particles.

The unrivaled performance of IQAir air filtration technology is achieved using only safe, proven, mechanical filtration technology, without generating dangerous ions, ozone or UV. Mechanical filtration is the safest, healthiest and most effective technology to clean the air. Mechanical filters such as IQAir's particle filters remove particles from the air by safely capturing them on filter materials. Why risk your health on less effective methods when IQAir offers proven protection without harmful byproducts?

Sophisticated controls, easy mobility

Streamlined system controls, handheld remote, a built-in handle and optional sturdy casters make it easy to use your IQAir system.

Every IQAir GCX Series air purifier features six fan speeds and its streamlined system controls allow you to easily program automatic operation via a day/night timer. This allows you to cut energy costs and extend filter life by using your GCX Series air purifier to clean the air exactly as you need it when you need it. Also, the included intelligent filter-life monitor precisely forecasts filter replacement based on actual usage and color-coded lights tell you when it's time to change each filter. Relax and let the system work for you.

A sleek and efficient handheld remote control makes it easy to manage your GCX Series air purifier from almost anywhere in the environment. You can set the fan speed and even timer controls without getting up.

The built-in handle and optional Mobility Deluxe Casters of the GCX Series make it simple to roll around the environment, providing high-performance air purification wherever you need it.

3D UltraSeal

The efficiency stated for most air cleaners is purely theoretical. Internal leakage drastically reduces the actual efficiency of most air cleaners.

IQAir systems feature patented triple sealing technology. First, a unique manufacturing process ensures that the filter media is 100 percent sealed in the filter frame. Second, our patented 3D UltraSeal ensures perfect knife-edge-in-groove sealing between filter frame and housing. Third, individual seals on each housing module ensure an airtight housing. As a result, IQAir systems have a total system efficiency that is higher than the theoretical efficiency of conventional air cleaners.

New Edition Fan

The New Edition features the most powerful, energy-efficient fan ever in compact stand-alone air purifiers. The result is even better air cleaning.

GCX Series air purifiers feature the IQAir New Edition fan – the most powerful fan ever used in a stand-alone air purifier. That exceptional power translates into better air cleaning results. The new three-dimensionally optimized fan design uses state-of-the-art aerodynamics to convert energy into more air and less noise. IQAir systems use the highest quality fan motors available. Because each fan is individually balanced and uses steel ball bearings, it outlasts other fans by years. The IQAir New Edition fan is suspended in a housing unit that isolates the fan from the housing with eight shock absorbers to further reduce noise.

Case Study: Vantari Genetics

A clinical laboratory finds the GCX Series controls odors throughout testing facility. IQAir systems have helped remove any significant odors from the facility.

In a scientific and research laboratory, environmental control is crucial to maintaining testing integrity and ensuring staff comfort and safety. This was the case for Vantari Genetics, based in Irvine, California. Vantari is an advanced clinical laboratory specializing in helping individuals and physicians anticipate drug interactions while analyzing the risk of inherited diseases and cancer. While cheek swabs are sufficient for some forms of testing, urinalysis is also a valuable tool employed by Vantari researchers and technicians in evaluating drug metabolism and other issues.

At Vantari’s Irvine facility, pungent urine odors originating in the urinalysis work areas were invading the company’s offices and work areas. The company contacted IQAir to help design and implement a source-control solution that would vent the urine odors outside the building. A team of IQAir commercial solutions field specialists conducted a site assessment to determine potential solutions. The IQAir team worked with Vantari CEO Nick Arroyo and the company’s facilities manager to design a custom solution.

Shifting focus from ventilation to air filtration

The initial approach was to fabricate an acrylic hood that would be placed above the urinalysis workstations and would vent odors directly outside. However, city officials would not permit the laboratory to ventilate the captured air to the outdoors. This prompted Vantari and the IQAir team to focus on air filtration instead of ventilation.

The IQAir team identified the IQAir GCX AM as an appropriate air-filtration technology for the urinalysis work areas. The GCX AM is a commercial-grade air purifier with gas and odor filtration, specifically configured for control of ammonia and ammonia-based odors associated with urine. The gas and odor cartridges in each GCX AM contain 22 pounds of granular-impregnated activated carbon made from bituminous coal. In addition, the GCX features particle filtration with an H11 IQAir HyperHEPA pre-filter that removes a minimum of 99 percent of all particles in the air that passes through the system, and 95 percent of all ultrafine particles down to 0.003 microns in diameter.

The GCX also features IQAir’s New Edition fan, capable of extracting up to 370 cubic feet per minute from each work area and drawing the air up into the 7-foot-long customized acrylic hood. The air then passes through IQAir FlexVac tubing and into the four GCX AM filtration systems.

To control odors in the other areas throughout the Vantari facility, an additional 10 IQAir GC AM systems were strategically placed in offices and open areas. These systems, slightly smaller than the GCX systems, remove any lingering odors not captured by the hood and air-filtration system in the urinalysis work area.

Odors are now under control

As a result, the IQAir systems have removed any significant urine odors from the environment. The GCX AM systems pull air up from the urinalysis workstations, and the powerful activated carbon filter cartridges have reduced urine odors to the level at which they are undetectable.

“The IQAir systems have worked wonders,” Arroyo said. “Now, most people can’t even tell we are in the urine toxicology business because of the lack of smell.”

GCX Series Tech Specs

Take an in-depth look at the performance facts and figures of the GCX Series.