Cleanroom H13™


Medical-grade air quality

A new standard for critical-area air quality

New Edition technology

IQAir New Edition technology in the Cleanroom H13 means more medical-grade air, less sound, and substantially longer filter life. New Edition Cleanroom H13 systems deliver up to 39% more clean air, 63% longer filter life, and 32% less sound across all fan speeds. At the heart of the New Edition systems is the IQAir New Edition fan; the most powerful fan ever used in a commercial stand-alone air purifier.

New Edition fan

The Cleanroom H13 features a state-of-the-art high-powered fan that provides more medical grade air with less noise and longer life than ever. The new three-dimensionally optimized design features state-of-the-art aerodynamics to convert energy into more air and less noise. This fan has an amazing 780 cfm (1325 m³/h) rating at 2750 rpm (without filters). Because each fan is individually balanced and uses steel ball bearings, it outlasts other fans by years. The IQAir New Edition fan is suspended in a housing unit that isolates the fan from the housing with eight shock absorbers to further reduce noise.

Anti-Tampering design

Advanced anti-tampering tools with the IQAir Cleanroom H13 help prevent any unauthorised tampering with the system’s filters and power connection. A secure arm-locking fixture prevents unauthorised access to or removal of the system filters. A separate power-cord inlet fixture locks the Cleanroom H13 power cord to the system, preventing unauthorised unplugging of the power cord at the base of the system. The anti-tampering kit includes a sturdy, simple tool kit for easy installation of the anti-tampering accessories.

320 Degree exhaust

IQAir’s EvenFlow Diffuser was designed to supply the maximum amount of clean air in all directions, without drafts of noise. The IQAir Cleanroom H13 was designed with a 320-degree EvenFlow Diffuser to supply more air in more directions without drafts or noise. The IQAir EvenFlow Diffuser boosts system efficiency by evenly returning cleaned air through a large 320-degree outlet. 


The Cleanroom H13 is easy to move around in any environment, capable of delivering clean air wherever it’s needed. The built-in guiding handle on top and sturdy casters on the bottom of the Cleanroom H13 system make it simple to roll around the environment to provide high-performance air purification wherever needed. When it's not needed, the Cleanroom H13 is easily rolled into a utility closet or other handy storage area.

Remote control

An easy-to-use, efficient, handheld remote control lets personnel control the system without even touching it. A sleek and efficient handheld remote control makes it easy to manage a Cleanroom H13 air purifier from almost anywhere in the critical environment. Lab personnel and others can set the fan speed and even timer controls without touching the system itself. When it's not in use, the remote control fits handily in the recesses on the top of the system so it can easily be found when needed.

3D UltraSeal eliminates leakage

  • Unique manufacturing process ensures filter media is 100% sealed in the filter frame. 
  • Patented 3D UltraSeal ensures perfect knife-edge-in-groove sealing between filter frame and housing. 
  • Individual seals on each housing module ensure an airtight housing.

Flexible solutions

Clean research and manufacturing areas, plant control rooms, and other controlled environments sometimes require positive pressure to prevent outside pollutants from entering the area. On the other hand, negative pressure can help contain pollutants in an isolation area. The IQAir Cleanroom H13 can be matched with either the IQAir InFlow W125 or OutFlow W125 kit to create the exact pressurization needed for any environment. The OutFlow W125 kit will also allow positioning the Cleanroom H13 outside the controlled environment, eliminating the danger of housing leakage.

Sophisticated controls

Every IQAir stand-alone air purifier features six fan speeds and streamlined system controls that allow users to easily program automatic operation via a day/night timer. Also, the included intelligent filter-life monitor precisely forecasts filter replacement based on actual usage and colour-coded lights indicate when it's time to change each filter.