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Dr. Kelly Blodgett Success Story

Dr. Kelly Blodgett is an ambassador for progressive dentistry. He’s committed himself to a more holistic approach to dentistry. 

“I felt that my calling was to become a Dentist who reverses the negative stereotype of Dentistry,” said Dr. Blodgett.

His has been a successful calling, with patients of his well-established practice in Portland, Oregon benefiting from his dedication to the improvement of patient experience and better health outcomes.

“I recently became the only dentist in the State of Oregon to be board certified in Naturopathic Medical Dentistry and Integrative Biological Dental Medicine. To that end, we strive to improve the standard of care that we offer to our patients. IQAir has been an integral part of both the patient experience and the safety we offer in our practice,” said Dr. Blodgett.

Dr. Blodgett first became acquainted with IQAir while he was becoming "SMART" certified by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). 

“I heard about IQAir from other IAOMT members. I liked the technology and the ease-of-use of the Dental Pro system, so I went ahead and purchased.”

Having purchased one IQAir Dental unit thinking that its use would primarily be for the benefit of capturing mercury vapor during safe mercury removal, he soon realized the Dental Pro and Flex Vac were excellent for all aerosol collection. This led to the using these systems in the other patient care rooms. 

“We use them for ALL procedures now. Patient's love the safety that they offer. IQAir has improved my practice in many ways. In the most obvious and objective sense, it has literally improved the air quality of our office. But because of the unique shape of the receiving nozzle, our IQAir systems stimulate a lot of questions from patients. This offers us the opportunity to share about the technology, the improved air quality and it demonstrates our commitment to the best health for our patients and our practice,” said Dr. Blodgett.

Don’t try this at work.

Watch IQAir President Frank Hammes step into a smoke chamber with only an IQAir air purifier to protect him.