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Powerful air quality monitoring tools

Empower your enterprise with the #1 large-scale air quality monitoring solution

Free AirVisual Dashboard
Enterprise AirVisual Dashboard
Register up to 3 AirVisual Pro monitors and view basic, aggregated air quality data and related information within your AirVisual dashboard interface
View CO2 and PM2.5 AQI graphs
Control AirVisual Pro monitor settings remotely
Get access to AirVisual API powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning
Support for up to 3 AirVisual Pro monitors
Store detailed data from your AirVisual Pro monitors on AirVisual’s servers (not aggregated)
Set up email alerts when certain air quality thresholds are reached
Sort your AirVisual Pro monitors based on your own specified criteria
Export indoor and outdoor logs of all detailed air quality data sent to AirVisual servers
Customize your own air quality widget to display live data from your AirVisual Pro monitors
Access to new, upcoming reporting tools and air quality graphs
Support for an unlimited number of AirVisual Pro monitors

$30 per station per month

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IQAir AirVisual Enterprise Dashboard

IQAir AirVisual Enterprise Dashboard offers an accessible yet highly capable set of tools to monitor, manage, and display your air quality data from anywhere in the world.
Becoming an air quality leader is easy:


Precisely monitor key air pollutants

with the AirVisual Pro, the world’s smartest air quality monitor


Manage your air quality remotely

with a user-friendly web & mobile dashboard


Achieve ideal air quality

with air pollution alerts & smart integration with your building automation system (BAS)


Earn trust & credibility

showcasing your superb air quality to your stakeholders



The comprehensive air quality monitor solution for your organization

AirVisual Enterprise Dashboard is easy to install, easy to use, & easy to maintain

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Real-time AQI, PM2.5, CO2, Temp. & Humidity

Indoor/Outdoor AQI comparison

Air quality analytics

Hassle-free hardware

Data validation using AI Web & mobile dashboard

Air monitor remote control

And more...

Pollution alerts

Data security

Long-range Wi-Fi

Devices auto-reboot

IFTTT support for building automation

API access

Smart control of HVAC & filtration system

Integrated CleanZone SL air purifier

Health recommendations

Widgets & digital signage

Integration with AirVisual App

Indoor/Outdoor air quality map view

Air quality data export

Automated air quality reports

Team permissions management 

Air Quality App

The world’s #1 air quality app

Accurately track real-time air quality & weather data anywhere around the globe. Monitor key pollutants like PM2.5, PM10, NO2, CO2 & SO2 on a brilliantly simple display. The Air Quality App offers more coverage, stations, and data points than any other air quality app on the market, giving you the fullest picture of the air quality around you.

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Want the big picture of air pollution?


Historical, real-time, and forecast air pollution data 

Receive detailed figures on key air pollutants in more than 70 countries.


7-day air pollution and weather forecasts  

Plan your outdoor activities to optimize comfort and health.


Air quality alerts   

Get notified when outdoor air quality isn't up to your standards.


Real-time air quality and weather information 

Live global coverage of key air pollution and weather parameters.


Air pollution news and educational resources 

Stay up to date on air pollution current events, medical findings and breaking news.



Stay up to date on air pollution current events, medical findings and breaking news.

Hold the world’s largest air quality data set in your hands

The AirVisual app combines data sets from 60,000+ sensors from government agencies, crowdsourced AirVisual Pro monitors, and satellite imagery to give you the most complete view of air quality in the world.

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Simplify air quality management with AirVisual Enterprise Platform

  • Get a clear overview of your local air quality with a real-time web dashboard & live maps
  • Effortlessly manage air quality across different rooms and buildings with remote control of all air monitors
  • Control multiple account permissions, privacy settings, & data access

Achieve optimal air quality

Smart AI-driven air pollution alerts and recommendations help you improve your air quality.

Analyze your air quality & get certified

Use air quality reports to resolve air quality issues and achieve healthy air standards required for LEED and WELL certifications.

Automate your building’s air quality management

Seamlessly integrate with HVAC or HEPA air filtration systems with to our API and IFTTT support.

Utilize IQAir’s CleanZone SL purifier with AirVisual Pro for automated filtration –without a Wi-Fi connection.

Build trust

AirVisual Enterprise provides turnkey data display for digital signage, websites, or apps.

Brought to you by 50+ years of leadership in air quality

  • 50+ years of experience developing innovative air quality solutions
  • Swiss Made with world-class components
  • Tailored air filtration solutions for your environment
  • Top-tier customer support to help you achieve your goals



Find the solution that fits your needs




Air quality monitoring solution for schools, universities, & kindergartens

Protect students and staff from harmful air quality to promote cognitive development and increase parent satisfaction.



Air quality monitoring solution for offices, administrations, & workspaces

Increase employee productivity and attendance with a clean air office environment. Display transparent air quality readings to raise employee morale and attract top talent.



Air quality monitoring solution for gyms, health centers, & fitness spaces

Show health-conscious patrons and athletes your facilities are designed to appeal to all aspects of health & wellness. Offer your shareholders a clean air oasis on polluted days. 



Air quality monitoring solution for hotels, restaurants, & bars

Grow your customer base and boost loyalty by reassuring patrons that you offer a healthy and safe indoor environment, regardless of the outdoor air quality. 



Air quality monitoring solution for hospitals, clinics, dental, & medical offices

Safeguard the health of all your patients by managing the air quality in your medical facilities. Minimize the spread of airborne bacteria from poor ventilation and avoid patient lawsuits.



Air quality monitoring solution for embassies, consulates, & foreign representations

Achieve healthy indoor environments for your diplomatic staff around the globe and boost morale and talent retention.