Access the Best Air Quality Big Data

Air quality API

The most trusted historical, real-time and forecast air quality data


Accurate local air quality and weather data

Largest network of air sensors

AirVisual collects data from the largest network of ground-based sensors worldwide, providing the most accurate and reliable air quality information.


AI-driven data validation

The only air quality data you can rely on. All data points are validated using artificial intelligence and machine learning, to ensure data your users can trust.

Premier customer support

Our dedicated API support team is on hand to help you quickly and seamlessly integrate air quality data to your applications.

Worldwide air quality, air pollution, and weather data

Real-time data, forecast data, and historical data

Air quality data is pulled from 60,000+ monitors worldwide

Whether you need data for the business you conduct, or you want to be a reliable source for air quality information for others, AirVisual has the most accurate available.

Information you can access includes:

Location Information: City name, station name and coordinates, GPS coordinates
Air Quality Information & Pollutants: AQI Index, PM2.5 and PM10, SO2, CO, O3, NO2
Weather: Humidity & pressure, wind speed & direction, 3-day forecast


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Step 1

Sign in to your AirVisual account

Step 2

Create your API key

Step 3

Easily integrate using our Documentation

Example API call

Returns JSON


Our available plans


The FREE package for our community members. Enhance your projects with local air quality and weather data.




10,000 calls/month

Community-based support


- City name and coordinates
- Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI)
- Real-time weather data


For medium-sized projects looking to scale up with more features and more API calls.




1,000,000 calls/month

Helpdesk support


- All features of Community Plan +
- Station name and coordinates
- Key pollutant concentration values PM2.5, PM10, SO2, NO2, CO, O3


Full access for applications with worldwide impact. Enjoy large-scale API calls and advanced features




10,000,000 calls/month

Helpdesk support


- All features of Startup plan
- + 7-day AQI and weather forecast
- 48-hr historical data for AQI, pollutant concentrations, temperature, and humidity
- Hourly major city AQI ranking

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