A Girl looking outside in the car.

The Ultimate car air purifier

A Revolutionary car air purification system.

Traffic pollution is worse than you think


The air in your car contains a cocktail of toxic fumes and gases that are potentially harmful to your health and the health of those you love. The Atem Car air purifier and its revolutionary HyperHEPA® Plus filter use air filtration technology tested and certified to capture a wide range of in-cabin air pollutants, all in a sleek, compact housing designed to blend into any vehicle cabin.


Superior gas-phase filtration


Atem Car’s HyperHEPA Plus filter provides the best solution for in-cabin gas and odor elimination, removing 99% of particle pollutants and adsorbing odor and gas molecules – the result is air that’s free of odors, gases, chemicals, and particles.

5 Air purifiers in 1

Atem is versatile, using an array of accessories to provide five air purifiers in one system: 

  • Small Space Air Purifier: Use Atem to filter the air in small living spaces, such as bedroom or nurseries.
  • Car Air Purifier: Secure Atem firmly to headrests, seats, and other in-cabin areas with the car mount accessory.
  • Desktop Air Purifier: Set up Atem on any flat surface, such as your nightstand or desktop, with a removable, zinc-alloy desktop stand.
  • Travel Air Purifier: Bring Atem with you in a customized carrying case.
  • Portable Air Purifier: A mobile, rechargeable power bank powers Atem approximately 12 hours (medium default speed).

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Proven protection against ultrafine particles

Atem Car’s HyperHEPA Plus filtration is effective against particles 100x smaller than ordinary air filters. Ultrafine particles (UFPs) are smaller than 0.1 microns and, by sheer number, comprise about 90% of all airborne particles. Traffic pollution is a primary source of UFPs – and when it comes to protection against UFPs, IQAir is the proven choice.

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Toxic new car smell

Your vehicle can expose you to many chemicals found to be toxic. Research shows that over 275 chemicals can be present inside your car at any given time, many of which are produced by interior materials, which contain toxic chemicals. Researchers have also found that it can take up to 3 years for “new car smell” toxins to drop below thresholds considered “safe” to breathe.

Clean air up to 20 times per hour

Powerful air cleaning technology cleans your interior air up to 20 times per hour, providing you with the cleanest possible air for your commute.

Safe, secure, family-friendly

Atem Car has been subjected to extensive safety and performance tests to ensure maximum durability and security. Breathe the cleanest air and the safest, healthiest, and most secure trips in your car. And automatic key-in-ignition activation saves you the hassle and distraction of manual controls: keep your hands on the wheel while still breathing constantly delivered pure air.