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Swiss Whole-Home Air Purification Solution

Reduce the PM2.5 concentration in your home to extremely low levels

Amazing Air Purification


High Efficiency

Reduce indoor PM2.5
by up to 99%

Incredible Efficiency

Reduce indoor PM2.5 by up to 99%

Fast Purification

IQAir's whole-home air purifier fits seamlessly into your current central heating and air conditioning system.


"0" additional noise

IQAir's whole-house air purifier is as quiet as your home's existing heating, ventilation and air condition system.

"0" floor space required

IQAir's whole-house air purifier requires no extra space.

"0" additional electricity

IQAir's whole-house air purifier uses zero additional electricity. It can actually improve your heating and cooling system's efficiency, so that less energy is used.

Full Service

IQAir Zero is IQAir's complete package. It includes on-site assessment, project-planning, system installation, and ongoing maintenance and monitoring. Sit back and enjoy clean air - the Swiss way!


On-Site Assessment

Trained IQAir experts assess your home to create the perfect whole-house air purification system for you. 

Customized Solution Design

Data from your assessment is used to design and create your customized air purification solution.

System Installation

IQAir's trained experts install your air purification system for you. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your pure air in every room.

Verification & Improvement

Your installer will use an IQAir handheld laser particle counter to measure the air quality in your home before and after installation. We guarantee your air will be at least 10x cleaner.

Real-Time Air Quality Information

IQAir's AirVisual Pro empowers you with air quality knowledge anytime, anywhere. 

Maintenance Service

IQAir provides free, door-to-door maintenance service. We ensure your air is as pure as possible.

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