CleanZone® 5000 Series


The ultimate stand-alone air purifier

More power, more protection, more options.

Highly effective against ultrafine particles

IQAir’s advanced HyperHEPA® filtration is highly effective against particles 100x smaller than what is claimed by other air purifier manufacturers. Scientists agree the most harmful form of air pollution is ultrafine particles – ultrafine particles are, by definition, smaller than 0.1 micron, and by sheer number, they make up more than 90% of all airborne particles. Ultrafine particles can stay in the air for hours, are easily inhaled deep into the lungs, and get absorbed into the bloodstream. From there, ultrafine particles reach every organ and every cell in the body, and they’ve been linked to heart attacks, strokes, asthma, and even cancer.

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Two powerful models

The CleanZone® 5000 Series comes in two different models:

  • CleanZone 5100: For maximum reduction of particulate matter and microorganisms, combining high-efficiency pre-filtration with a 300 square-foot (28 m2) class 12/13 HyperHEPA filter for ultimate particle control.
  • CleanZone 5200: For maximum reduction of gases, odors, and particulate matter (including microorganisms), featuring high-efficiency pre-filtration, up to 158 lbs. (72 kg) of gas and odor filtration media, and class H11 post-filtration.

HyperHEPA filtration

The CleanZone 5100 features IQAir’s HyperHEPA air filtration technology, the most advanced air filtration technology in the world proven and certified to be effective against ultrafine particles. HyperHEPA filtration captures particles 100x smaller than what is claimed by ordinary air filters. The CleanZone 5200, designed primarily for gas-phase control, also includes high-efficiency particle filtration. Both models include the IQAir high-efficiency PreMax™ 500 Filter Drum as part of the system’s fan module, eliminating micro-particles such as pollen, mould spores, and other contaminants as well as 85% of all ultrafine particles down to 0.003 microns in diameter.

Advanced particle filtration

IQAir’s CleanZone 5100 Series air purifier combines powerful, high-efficiency pre-filtration with up to 27.96 square meters of HyperHEPA filtration media, tested and certified to effectively filter harmful ultrafine pollution particles down to 0.003 microns in size with an efficiency of 99.5%. These tiny particles are 100 times smaller than what is filtered with ordinary air filtration technology and up to 10 times smaller than a typical virus. 

Highly effective against airborne chemicals

The amazing performance of the CleanZone 5200 model begins with the highest-quality activated bituminous-coal carbon in the gas-phase cartridges. The superior activated carbon in CleanZone 5200 models with gas and odour filtration is blended with chemisorbers that target other volatile organic compounds in the air, including formaldehyde. In some configurations, IQAir activated carbon is complemented by pelletised aluminum oxide, impregnated with potassium permanganate to form a powerful filtration combination for a wide spectrum of gases, odours, and chemicals.

Multiple configurations

The CleanZone 5100 is equipped with the IQAir HyperHEPA 700 filter drum for maximum particle filtration efficiency. The CleanZone 5200 is optimised for gas-phase pollution treatment, with 12 GCXL/S cartridges in six available configurations:

  • MultiGas: for volatile organic compounds and many inorganic compounds
  • VOC: for volatile organic compounds, hydrocarbons and solvents
  • ChemiSorber: for inorganic compounds and some organic compounds (e.g., formaldehyde and sulfur dioxide)
  • AM (ammonia): for ammonia and amines
  • AcidPro: for acids such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, and sulfuric acid
  • Hg (mercury): for mercury vapors

High volume, high efficiency

IQAir CleanZone 5000 Series moves more air (up to 1200 cfm) through more high-performance air filtration media than any other IQAir stand-alone air purifier.

Quiet operation

Suitable for noise-sensitive environments such as libraries, laboratories, meeting rooms, offices, and public business areas, or anywhere else that demands the cleanest air without noise. The CleanZone 5000 is powerful, yet quiet, with 10 fan-speed settings to match the sound requirements of any indoor environment.

CleanZone 5100: Ultimate particle filtration

The CleanZone 5100 model combines two of IQAir’s most powerful filtration media into a single high-capacity air purifier:

  1. A high-efficiency filter module cleans the air of a minimum of 95% of all particles 0.3 microns in diameter or larger, and more than 85% of all ultrafine particles down to 0.003 microns, the smallest particles that exist. 
  2. After passing through the high-efficiency pre-filtration module, cleaned air is then drawn through 27.96 m2 of advanced IQAir HyperHEPA filtration media, filtering any remaining particles with a total efficiency of 99.97% of all particles 0.3 microns or larger and 99.5% of all particles down to 0.003 microns in diameter.

Swiss quality

Swiss Made is more than just a label. It’s a sign of outstanding quality, uniqueness, superior design, innovation, precision, and reliability. The CleanZone 5000 has not only been Swiss designed and engineered, it is also manufactured in Switzerland. For IQAir, the manufacturing process is the logical conclusion to the process of creating a high-performance product –  it exemplifies our commitment not only to what we make, but how we make it. By using the highest quality components, a team of dedicated craftsmen and women, and a manufacturing process refined over more than 50 years, IQAir builds the finest air purifiers in the world.

History of IQAir

History of IQAir

50+ years of innovation.

See IQAir’s path from humble beginnings to the world leader of clean air technology.


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