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Dr. Kelly Blodgett Success Story

Dr. Kelly Blodgett is an ambassador for progressive dentistry. He’s committed himself to a more holistic approach to dentistry. 

“I felt that my calling was to become a Dentist who reverses the negative stereotype of Dentistry,” said Dr. Blodgett. 

His has been a successful calling, with patients of his well-established practice in Portland, Oregon benefiting from his dedication to the improvement of patient experience and better health outcomes.

“I recently became the only dentist in the State of Oregon to be board certified in Naturopathic Medical Dentistry and Integrative Biological Dental Medicine. To that end, we strive to improve the standard of care that we offer to our patients. IQAir has been an integral part of both the patient experience and the safety we offer in our practice,” said Dr. Blodgett.

Dr. Blodgett first became acquainted with IQAir while he was becoming "SMART" certified by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). 

“I heard about IQAir from other IAOMT members. I liked the technology and the ease-of-use of the Dental Pro system, so I went ahead and purchased.”

Having purchased one IQAir Dental unit thinking that its use would primarily be for the benefit of capturing mercury vapor during safe mercury removal, he soon realized the Dental Pro and Flex Vac were excellent for all aerosol collection. This led to the using these systems in the other patient care rooms. 

“We use them for ALL procedures now. Patient's love the safety that they offer. IQAir has improved my practice in many ways. In the most obvious and objective sense, it has literally improved the air quality of our office. But because of the unique shape of the receiving nozzle, our IQAir systems stimulate a lot of questions from patients. This offers us the opportunity to share about the technology, the improved air quality and it demonstrates our commitment to the best health for our patients and our practice,” said Dr. Blodgett.

Miami’s Garcia Orthodontics Chooses IQAir to Combat Spread of Covid-19

When Dr. Fernando Garcia decided to take over the well-established practice in 2012. Dr. Garcia knew he had a solid foundation for success. Afterall, the practice had been serving the Kendall and greater Miami metropolitan area for over forty years.

As he continued delivering great quality orthodontic treatment, sometimes to third generation patients, Garcia Orthodontics outgrew its office space. 

A new 5000 square foot orthodontic office was now in the practice’s future.  

“During our ideation and design process, we sat down with the architect and engineers to envision a modern, clean and visually appealing new office. At the same time, it was extremely important to incorporate elements to ensure the health and safety of staff and patients alike. In our constant effort to improve, we prioritized air quality. Maintaining clean air was non-negotiable as it is part of our promise to deliver the very best for our patients and staff,” said Dr. Garcia

With particulate matter, viruses, bacteria and chemicals as primary concerns, Dr. Garcia began his search for the best solution. In his research he soon discovered IQAir. As the project was nearing completion, other items took priority. However, the infrastructure of the new office was prepared to enable the addition of an air filtration system at a later date. 

Dr. Garcia and his staff began 2020 their new state-of-the-art facility. In early January, news about a respiratory disease outbreak in Wuhan, China came to the world’s attention. 

“I have a deep understanding of epidemiology and began closely following the developing crisis,” said Dr. Garcia. “When the World Health Organization declared SARS-Cov2 and the resulting illness COVID-19 a pandemic, I immediately completed the acquisition of air filtration equipment for our new office. The engineering, design and quality of IQAir’s products made my decision easy.” 

With the addition of IQAir’s GC Multigas System, patients and staff of Garcia Orthodontics were now protected from Coronavirus as well as other airborne pollutants.

“Science has clearly shown how better air quality has a direct impact on health. We have silently and helplessly accepted global pollution and toxic volatile organic compounds everywhere. I hope this pandemic is enough of a wakeup call to make everyone understand the importance of air quality and air filtration,” said Dr. Garcia. 

Frank Smoke Chamber

Don’t try this at work.

Watch IQAir President Frank Hammes step into a smoke chamber with only an IQAir air purifier to protect him.


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