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A Window To Clean Air In Chongqing’s British Council
A Window To Clean Air In Chongqing’s British Council
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IQAir gives Chongqing’s British Council a window to clean air

Since 2006, the British Council in Chongqing has served as a window to the authentic charm of Britain. And now, thanks to IQAir, its employees breathe some of the cleanest air in the world.

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In Chongqing, the British Council is a window into experiencing the authentic charm of Britain. Since its establishment in Chongqing in 2006, it has provided a wide range of opportunities for more people to get closer to magnificent British culture.

British Council: Explore the best of Britain’s clean air…in China

Founded in 1934, the British Council is an international body providing educational opportunities and promoting cultural exchange in the United Kingdom. It cooperates with more than 100 countries around the world in the fields of arts and culture, English language, education, and social development. In 2017, more than 65 million people met face-to-face with British Council representatives, and more than 731 million people in all interacted with them through the Internet, television, radio, and publications.

With a trendsetting health-conscious philosophy, the British Council realized that good Indoor Air Quality has a positive impact on the comfort and well-being of employees' lives and work. As a result, they chose IQAir air purification systems for their Chinese facilities to show the love and care they have for their employees with every breath they take.

IQAir, a partner of the British Council for over 10 years, has witnessed numerous wonderful moments stemming from the collision of Eastern and Western culture as IQAir has provided a world-class clean air environment for the British council office and its visitors.

The British Council facility also meets strict Indoor Air Quality standards, as the PM2.5 level is always below the 25 µg/m3 European Commission standard.1 IQAir also keeps an eye on the continuous flow of good air quality of the office with regular maintenance service, reminding key stakeholders to change filters and confirming that the systems are placed in ideal locations for maximum clean air coverage.

How to maintain clean air after a renovation

At the end of 2018, the British Council Chongqing office was renovated – but the excitement of the office’s new look was accompanied by concerns about formaldehyde. Even when using as many environmentally friendly materials as possible, formaldehyde is an unavoidable problem in a newly renovated office. And formaldehyde is an especially harmful compound with a long volatilization period, lasting for 10-15 years before decreasing to levels safe to breathe. And since breathing clean air is the foundation to the Council daily efforts, it was crucial to find a new IQAir solution that could remove this newly introduced pollutant from the office air.

Previously, the British Council in Chongqing had used GC™ and HealthPro® air purifiers for indoor smog and formaldehyde removal, installed in all corners of the office for more than 10 years. Now, the British Council in Chongqing decided to choose IQAir to upgrade the air that its staff breathes once again.

Swiss air quality expertise: Full protection with tevolutionary aldehyde-removing technology

Faced with new Indoor Air Quality concerns, IQAir now offers CleanZone® SL ColdFire™ air purification solutions designed for large spaces.

IQAir ColdFire technology uses special room-temperature catalytic technology to decompose harmful formaldehyde into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O). Compared to traditional technology, the ColdFire catalytic filter has a longer lifespan than commonly used carbon adsorption and chemical adsorption filters.

ColdFire enables the purifier to simultaneously produce a high volume of clean air and efficiently remove formaldehyde. The CleanZone SL also eliminates bacteria, allergens, and other harmful particles that can affect Indoor Air Quality and reduce productivity. Better yet, the CleanZone SL only produces 52 decibels (dB) even at the highest wind speed, allowing the system to remain as invisible as the clean air it supplies.

IQAir also includes a white-glove Air Quality Expert maintenance and repair service for the lifetime of the system. Service professionals attend to IQAir systems at regular intervals to conduct an air quality assessment, ensuring that the system is supplying the environment with maximally clean air, and to regularly clean, replace, and repair filters or system components.

For many employees, turning on an air purifier in the morning is just as vital a step as turning on the computer – both are crucial tools to maximum productivity and fulfillment in the workplace.


IQAir is a Swiss-based air quality technology company that since 1963 empowers the individuals, organizations and communities to breathe cleaner air through information, collaboration, and technology solutions.

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